Orlando Weekend Fun (Part Dos)

If you’re just tuning in, this is part two of a photo post from my adventures in Orlando a few weekends ago. (You can see part one here!)
On Sunday we woke up and made pancakes. Then Jodie and Brian came over and we ventured on a mini-roadtrip over to Mt.Dora and went to a sweet corn maze at Long and Scott Farms, where we carried this stick with an American flag to wave in case we got lost (we didn’t.) We went down a slide, got a pumpkin cheesecake muffin from the cafe, and wandered through the pumpkin patch. At the corn maze we actually got put in this barn with a bunch of people to repeat the RULES aloud and watch an informational video. It was pretty intense. Afterwards we went downtown, ate lunch at a seafood restaurant with live music, and wandered in out of a few shops. (A dog pastry bakery!) It was a beautiful day, and great way to wrap up the weekend!


Pancakes in the Ninja! (JD convinced me that it says “ninja!” when it’s done. I’m still the most gullible person alive…)


Cute specials menu. I need to learn how to make those muffins!


Me and Jodie in the cafe.

That’s the holding pen…


With Tony love – I promised him we had to take a good picture this time since last time I had crazy eyes in all of ’em.


So many rules! (We didn’t get kicked out – are you surprised?!)



Crazy tunnel you walk through after the holding pen.

Provisions in case we got stranded

Could we have asked for a more gorgeous day?! Though, I think this would be kind of scary at night…



Brian was the map holder, and I had the flag (til I got tired of carrying it.)

The group post corn maze adventure.

Slide fun

Brian: “here, we’ll take a picture of me giving you a pumpkin!” Jodie: “Wait, this is the picture?!”


Might’ve dropped it…

Our pumpkin baby! Creeper status, we know.





PUPCAKES! I seriously thought these were like the best creation ever.

Playing a cover of “Fire and Rain.”

T’WAS A weekend full of pumpkin beer.

Soon after that it was late afternoon, and I made my journey back to Tally. Luckily the sunset was gorgeous, and I had Mumford and Sons, and Passion Pit and Hootie and the Blowfish Pandora to jam out to and stay awake. after several evenings of cloudy skies, or rainy nights this was a beautiful sight to see:
20121024-083841.jpgAs always, now I’m just looking forward to my next Orlando weekend as much as ever!

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