A Saturday at Seaside

Several weeks ago on a Saturday morning, after my race at Maclay I met up with my friend Megan in the Panera parking lot, and we hit the interstate, headed towards Destin. It was a day trip, mostly for a certain store she needed to hit up at the Commons, but asked if I wanted to accompany her and hello! why not?! It was a beautiful morning to be driving somewhere, cool air, bright sun. So, we got a little bite to eat at Sonic, which I hadn’t indulged in, in quite some time and what’s not to love about tots? Plus, it was a gorgeous morning to sit out at the umbrella table sipping on a diet Shirley Temple (Sprite Zero with some cherry add-in.) So we did some outlet shopping (found some fun stuff at Gap, Nike, and Columbia and now I don’t need to go shopping for a long while. I think it’s time for another spending hiatus – notice this is after I already picked up the new Taylor Swift CD, strategic planning for sure.) Next we made the short treck over from Destin to Seaside. My oh my, Seaside is this lovely little picture-esque place. I could just wander around and stay for a week, and that’d be fine with me. We pulled into the parking lot and there was the coolest building in front of us – it was an old house and the top half was Central Square Records and the bottom, SunDog Books.  Oh my gosh, immediately in love – I mean, that’s like my dream set-up. Plus, there was a little amphitheater in a grassy area where people laid out blankets and folding chairs and were watching this kind of folky band, it was pretty awesome. We wandered around the shops for a bit, and then we went to this restaurant called the Great Southern Cafe where we sat out on the back deck, sipped some beer, ate some raw oysters ($5! I’m not even kidding!) (and I had some smoked Gouda cheese grits.) It was pretty fabulous. Afterwards we popped into a sweet shop where the nice guy behind the counter let me taste several flavors of gelato. He was so nice! Then we took our treats down to the beach and watched the sunset. It was kind of cool for October, and the sky was just gorgeous. (You know how I love a pretty sunset.) We took photos and played catch with other people’s dogs. Then we wandered around some more, since it was dark you could see all the pretty lights turned on. We browsed some at the music and books before we headed back to Tallahassee. It was really just such a great, relaxing day spent with a sweet friend. I’d definitely like to make a weekend trip back to Seaside sometime in the future.


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