Friday, Friday!

Good morning, good morning and a Happy Friday to you! Finally right?! Eek, feels like that to me at least. I am plenty pleased to welcome the weekend.

A few announcements (election day is almost here so you won’t be seeing many more of these from me):

Tomorrow is the last day of early voting for Florida residents. Don’t know where to find the nearest polling site? Check it out here. Just bring your voter registration’s card (if you have it) and a signed photo ID. I went to the library past my house on Tuesday after work, and had a great experience with the staff and facility for early voting. I was in and out of the polling site in less than thirty minutes. And of course, got this nifty sticker:

If you live in, or near, (or you know, wanna make a road trip? Though I would say road trip to Virginia and see Dave Matthews too…) and have any desire to go, Bill Clinton will be speaking on Florida State’s Langford Green (the green lawn in front of the Unconquered statue at the stadium) tonight starting at 8PM. If you’re interested, it’s probably safe to assume it’d be better to arrive early as there’s a limited amount of space and I am sure there will be a fairly large crowd. Awesome part: it’s FREE and open to the public. No tickets required, woo!


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