Throwback Thursday: End of HS Oldies

I know I’ve been slacking in my blog posting lately, but I caught up on sleep last night (nine hours!) following busy nights at the fair, and watching election results so now I’m not such a zombie. Like I said, I’m back with a normal post, and it’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’ve just got a few I stumbled across from an old Facebook album taken during the last week of my senior year of high school. As per usual, these are pretty random but I like that you can catch glimpses of the school settings in most of them.

With Beth and Becca in photo. (That outfit coordination was just a coincidence!)
jenn, laura, me, beth, and amber in photo on the last day of school. oh to go back and develop my own photos in the darkroom again…
jen, john, shanna, heather, me, charlie at lunch.
Emily and I in the morning.
james, me, jared on the bus ramp.
One of my favorite teachers, Mr.Delucia!
Big group shot of some of us, in the “senior spot” after the last bell had rung on our last day of high school, ever. (C/O ’06.)

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