Thankful Throwback Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. Hope you all have a nice holiday, and that you find a moment of peace and relaxation in what can be a chaotic day – whether it may be with family, friends, work, whatever – the holidays can always be stressful, but I’m wishing you some slow down time.

I’m in Mexico Beach, my brother and I (left in that photo) drove over last night after I got off work. We’ll spend a couple days with the family here (thankful for them too! no matter how chaotic are time may be together.) before we head back to Tallahassee for the game this weekend. This photo isn’t that far of a throwback, but it’s one of my faves of us as a group basically ever. We got some stranger to take it on a beach walk over the summer. But yeah, I’m sharing this one today because I am so thankful for each of these people. Somehow they’ve managed to put up with me for twenty-five years (E’s only got 21 but he was around for the teenage ones and I’m pretty sure those count more for how rough I was on everyone.) My mom, dad, and brother have very different personalities, (we all do,) but some intertwined similarities at the same time. Smart, funny, kind, compassionate. Seriously, I don’t think I could be surrounded by more supportive or encouraging people (towards me and everyone else they encounter.) There hearts are huge, and a constant reflection of their love for Christ. I can only hope that after so many years some of these qualities have rubbed off on me.

I’m thankful for my housemate, Alex. Probably one of the biggest Craig’s List successes ever. I moved back to Tallahassee during a random part of the year when all my friends already had their living situations taken care of. (Thankful shoutout to Camille for taking me in, then!) Luckily, Alex had a spare room she’d advertised on Craig’s List. After a visit by with my brother, I moved in during October and have lived there ever since. She’s one of the sweetest, generous, most caring people I know! Plus, she’s mucho entertaining to watch TV with. Her commentary makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. Also, it’s pretty exciting to watch news coverage with someone who has similar political opinions. Annnnd she got sucked into Pretty Little Liars with me, so when she’s in town I’m not sitting on the couch screaming by myself haha. So thankful that she’s put up with me for so long, and is such enjoyable company!

Two in one – example: thankful for snail mail and the people who participate in it with me, and for friends who know us well. Thankful for my big sis Hailey who sends me awesome mail like this. We don’t get to see each other as nearly as either of us would like, (I’m not even going to tell you the last time we saw each other because it’s embarrassing!) But she knows me well, and she is one of the most grounded people I know. Strong in her beliefs and goals, and such a good role model. Love love love her. I’m thankful for all of my Phi Mu family, and sisters near and far. For their support, the bond of getting to share the trials and joys of life. My life would not be the same without them. Such a blessing! You know who they are, as I’ve shared pictures of them constantly 🙂

I’m thankful for all my friends, no matter how spread out we may be, no matter how much time passes between our visits. Thankful for the ones I can laugh with, and cry with. Thankful for the ones you fall asleep chatting with. Thankful for the ones who are always up for a good sing a long at the bar, or on a roadtrip. Thankful for the ones who know the rich value of sitting in the basement of a favorite Mexican restaurant just chatting, catching up, and giggling for hours. Thankful for the ones who get my weird obsessions for anything English, to dinosaurs, photobooths, Olympics, parks and outdoor activities, funky music taste, and YA fiction. Thankful for the ones who’ll gallivant down towns with me. Thankful for the ones who are always up for a fro yo run, or other sweet tooth indulgence. Thankful for adventure partners, thankful for people who will gladly let you crash on their couch. Thankful for the ones who are down to just hang out and bask in the gloriousness of one another’s company. Thankful for wind down days of front porch sitting. Thankful for the ones who hold on through my intense phases. Basically thankful for the ones who love me for being me, and make the world sweeter just by being in it.

Something new I’m thankful for this year is this new found passion in running. I’m thankful for my health. Thankful that I’ve been blessed to be able to have this as an outlet. Thankful to not have injuries that prevent me from doing something that I love. Thankful that I’m finally taking care of myself, that my health is important to me on the inside and outside. Thankful to have found that we are capable of more than we’d ever imagine.

I might act like I’m miserable at times, or tweet some mundane complaints, but I am aware that there are plenty of great things going on in my life. I know and love some pretty awesome people. I have the ability to get ridiculously happy about very simple things, and that makes a lot of parts of life really joyful. I’m not thankful for these things only on the holiday of Thanksgiving, but really grateful all the time- though, it doesn’t hurt to point out these things once in a while.


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