Throwback Thursday: Awkward Photos of Me Courtsey of Mom

Last Friday I turned twenty-five, and my mom decided to put up an album of awkward photos “celebrating” me on Facebook. The more recent ones I’m not as much a fan of, and two of them definitely feel like they were erased from my memory all together, but I’ll share a few here today!

Okay, I shouldn’t complain that much because this is one of my fave photos. (And she doesn’t post awkward hospital ones where I always all wrapped up in tubes and wires and hooked to plenty of machines.)

And I’ll share this one, even though when she submitted it for my spot on the 8th grade baby photo page my friend Sunny said I looked like a “crack baby.” (True story.)

Reppin’ my dad’s alma mater.

Yeah, if someone wants to give me that outfit in adult version I wouldn’t say no!

So sassy.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho fifth grade. (Remember this trip, do not remember this photo. Probably because it was like zero degrees.)

This one sums up plenty of years. Reading a book in the corner. (I don’t remember this photo either, and I think that may have been an Easter dress but who knows.) Check out the Baby Sitter’s Club book in my head…yeah, good taste.

Me on my birthday last year. My mom made banana’s foster french toast and oh how weird I was drinking out of one of our Coeur d’Alene mugs!

So there you go. Plenty of awkwardness to check out. And if you’re looking for a good tune, go listen to Rilo Kiley’s “Go Ahead” on Meg Says today! Happy Thursday! And sorry that from the looks of it, none of the blogs I follow won Powerball last night, either 😦


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