Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I will be running my first half marathon in Panama City, “Run for the Redfish!”  I’m equally nervous and excited right now. I know, I know I shouldn’t be nervous I’ve trained and I’m prepared – I’m just anxious to complete this goal! I’m sure it’s just pre-race jitters. I can’t believe after so many weeks of training, it’s finally here. Who would have thought that someday I’d be able to say I participated in a half-marathon? Not me, that’s for sure. At least not the me from six months ago, and the rest of my life. Even with the hiccup of those stupid stitches in October, it didn’t mess up the plan! So, we’ll see how it goes. Like my cousin said, no matter what “you’re setting a PR!” Which is true, since I’ve never run one before. I’ll let you all know how it goes! Have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


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