Throwback Thursday: A few oldies of some women in the family

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning kind of confused that somehow it’s already Thursday. This week seems to have gone by in a blur so far, though I can’t really complain because I enjoy when the weekend arrives. I already did a little throwback over on Meg Says this morning with some “Raspberry Beret” (that prince song from the 80’s.) So, now I’ll share some photos in the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Mug’s Life…

Love this pic of my mom and aunt when they were little. So sweet! You can always pick out my mom in old photos, too.

And my Aunt Phyllis when she was little. You can totally tell it’s her too.

Snagged this one from my aunt’s Facebook page, too. A cowboy birthday party in the 60’s. Love it!

My mom is so creative…

Christmas Eve 1989. Who’d have thought Tallahassee would have a White Christmas?! If only these pesky 70 and 80 temperatures would go away now…


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