Charity: Water – Give the Gift of Clean Water

(Disclaimer: These are NOT my photos, all from Charity:Water‘s social media sites, but I’m borrowing them to share with you.)

Yesterday I posted about the idea of giving more, and spending less this holiday season. (Spend Less, Give More) Putting a stop to buying pointless junk just to cross someone off a list of gift-giving obligation. The organization I’d like to spotlight today is Charity Water an organization founded by Scott Harrison.

The mission of Charity: Water is simple – a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Why Water?


Why Water?

Many of us take clean drinking water for granted. We’ve never considered what it would be like to wait in lines to fill up jugs (very heavy jugs) that we would then have to carry for miles, and even after that there’s still the likely possibility we would get sick or die of a disease from using the water because it’s not clean. Just because you might not be thinking about it, doesn’t mean this isn’t occurring all over the world, everyday. Did you know that more than 800 MILLION PEOPLE don’t have access to clean drinking water?! Before you sit there, completely discouraged, take heart in knowing that while this problem affects so, so many people – it doesn’t take very much to help. You might be surprised to know that Charity: Water uses the 100% model, meaning that all donations made to Charity: Water go to funding clean-water projects. You can read more about this here. Mere DOLLARS can make a difference here, people! Did yo know $20 can give someone clean water for 20 years?!

That right there could easily be your message to loved ones! (See that bottom line? $20 gives one person clean water for TWENTY YEARS! It’s true.)

You may have seen popular celebrities donating their birthdays to Charity: Water to raise money for clean-water well funding (Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Justin Bieber, Will & Jada Smith, Jessica Biel, and many more…) There are several ways you can donate. Do you want to contribute to someone else’s Charity: Water birthday campaign? Do you want to donate your own birthday? You can make a regular donation here. Plus, there’s a store of Charity: Water gear – buy yourself, or for others.

(Image via Charity:Water)

Purchase a pack of five wristbands for $25. They’re a great reminder, and way to spread the water about Charity: Water.

Or would you rather sport a t-shirt? My parents got these for my brother and I one for Christmas a few years back, and they are great conversation starters!

(Image via Charity:Water)

You can find more gift ideas to support Charity:Water funded wells, and raise awareness for the cause on their site – everything from ties with the symbolic yellow jerry can to cufflinks, carafes, and even jewelery!

(Image via Charity:Water)

Charity:Water keeps you up-to-date on projects, and you can see directly how the clean water wells are changing people’s lives – read the blog, like on Facebook, or track on Twitter! Why water? Because it changes everything. I would love for you to truly consider donating to Charity:Water this season, or anytime of the year for that matter. If some of this information is new to you, or you just needed reminding be sure to pass it on. Every bit of help can make a difference!


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