Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Human emotions are weird. You know, this morning I was in a great mood and one of my favorite people was texting me and I was just like “right on! It’s Friday, the weekend is almost here. Freedom!” right? I listened to “Ho Hey!” and “Fast Car” on the way to work this morning, we actually didn’t run out of coffee. Then just as quickly, stupid work stuff altered that attitude (temporarily,) but there’s always a silver lining. I realized that getting yelled at, and ridiculous nonsense would sometimes have the capability of making me cry. (And I despise public crying.) But today I just got extremely annoyed. It’s like my inner shell toughened up instead of crumbling, and for that I’m thankful. And look now, the work day is half over and then I can…what? Go for a run, eat a cupcake, whatever I want because it’s the weekend. My point is, it’s still Friday, it’s still beautiful. Hope you find some sweet spots in your own day!

*Found that img on tumblr, and love it. Tumblr says this is the source.*

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