Solemate Kinda Love

Happy Happy Thursday readers! I know, I know it’s Throwback Thursday but I couldn’t resist sharing with you a few “solemate” related images that popped up in my news feed on Facebook this morning.

This one is from the Distant Runners Facebook group. And let me tell you, I did take my solemates on a little morning date this morning. It was dark and chilly, but so wonderful. (Although, my body did decide to do that thing where it decides it’ll have a little mini-allergic reaction to the cold but that aside – fabulous!)

Then I came across this gem from Rather Be Running which might be one of my new favorite running phrases, just perfect.

And for all my non-running friends here’s another favorite Valentine graphic. Remember “RAWR means I love you in dinosaur.”

Whether you’re fan of today or not (I’m not real into it myself,) I hope you have a terrific Thursday! And if you want, go check out one of my favorite fictional crushes of all time over at MegSays.


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