VMars: The Movie could actually happen!

If you know me, then you know my obsessive tendencies. In the past year this behaviour has extended to running. Previously it was reserved for more subdued activities like marathon watching TV shows, or reading YA novels cover to cover like I was eating M&Ms. In my period of time, floundering in the post-graduation life, constantly applying to jobs, freaking out over my resume, and lounging in the pool conjuring up a good story line for a reality YouTube series with my hermana – I finally figured out what the (not-so-secret to the internet world) fascination with Veronica Mars was. Don’t ask me how I went so many years oblivious to such a fine  piece of entertainment! I honestly don’t know. So, I ran on the treadmill and did pilates as I devoured the three seasons. Then I made my family watch episodes with me. And I re-watched them with my then-neighbor Kir. The “I thought our story was epic, ya know?” “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy” speeches, those have gone down as some of my favorite lines of all time. If I’m ever in the entertainment industry, and I have a hand in making things – I want them to have this kind of pizazz. (I also want to be a PI. My friends dad is one in real life, and I’m pretty sure he thought my fascination with his profession a few summers ago was a little bizarre. I’ve attempted to convince my mom we’d be a great mother-daughter investigative team together.)

I’m sure you saw the sloth video, and were like oh! That Kristen Bell, she’s such a cutie. Or you think her fiance, Dax Shepard (on Parenthood) is awesome. This is of course if you have great taste! Welll, well, guess what?

Today was the launch of the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie! A month to go, not even 24 hours in and they’re already halfway there. Obviously, this would be AWESOME. And anyway, is it too much to ask for Logan Echolls to bring me bear claws in the morning? Coolest house of people, ever.


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