Friday Favorites

Ohh hey, everybody! This has been a crazzzy week in my world, like no other. (I’ll catch you up in a re-cap of my Jax adventures in an upcoming post.) But Happy Friday to all, and I’m back with some Friday Favorites!

“But really, even when it seemed like I was doing nothing at all (and when I believed I was doing nothing at all), I was actually hard at work on the real labor of your twenties — figuring out who you actually are.

Guess why this is the most important thing you have to do in your twenties? Because you are you forever!”

Welcome back insightful, right on the money, reading my mind articles Thought Catalog. Nice to see you, again. (This one is pure gold if you haven’t read it yet – check it out!)

The spring finale of Pretty Little Liars aired on Tuesday night. Amidst all the chaos of course I saw it! (And fan girl-ed beyond the hour that it’s televised.) Also, this TVGuide article is a bit spoilerish but verrry intriguing. It feels like they’re letting us in on some secrets!

IMPORTANT NEWS: JOHN MAYER IS BACK IN ACTION! I was able to catch most of the Google+ Hangout last night, and he’s announced a miiiiillion date tour. (Florida, September 2013, here’s lookin’ at you kid!) Plus he played a new song “Dear Marie.” (Can you guess what my favorite line is? Probably obvious: “Remember me, I’m the boy you used to love when we were fifteen.”

Amazon sent me a heads up about Sara Zarr’s upcoming release of The Lucy Variations. Yes sirree!

One of my favorite friend Meg’s upcoming visit countdown is in THE SINGLE DIGITS, now! What?! Yes.

I found out Silver Lining’s Playbook will be released to own on April 30th, heyyy!


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