Jax Weekend Recap: Stranded to Rescued and a Celebrity Meet & Greet Come True


Oh my. How about that premature St.Patrick’s Day post the other day? How would I have known all those mentioned activities were this close to not going into fruition?! I was just chugging along I-10 on my way to Jacksonville destination (one): Florida Theatre – Lisa Loeb. Then out of nowhere, I hear this weird clicking noise so I turned down Phoenix on Pandora Radio, so I can listen. Then the clicking noise stops, and about a minute later (my car that’s on cruise control at 75) seems to be slowing down on its own? My foot wasn’t on the break, so I press the accelator, and…nothing. It’s gone from 75mph to 50mph in about zero seconds. I try not to freak out, so I start to pull over to the shoulder of the road and before I can even get the car all the way in the grass to park – it shuts off! None of the lights had turned on or anything, and to make things more crazy – the car has filled up with smoke. Me and my wild imagination immediately envision the car bursting into flames, so I grab my purse so I at least half some money and an ID, grab my phone (which is all wrapped up in the car charger, trying to trap me in the smoking vehicle,) and literally like attempted to jump out of the car. Of course it’s tilted on the side of the road so the door was too heavy (and there was traffic) to open all the way and it comes swinging back and slams on my knee which has been a lovely shade of green and purple this week, ha! So then in m efforts to escape I ran to the woods, and called my Dad. I know, always calling the parents – but hello! I didn’t know if I was about to be in a Fast and the Furious scene on the side of I-10 in the middle of nowhere. What went down next was a very long ordeal of a thousand phone calls, and amazing people coming to my rescue. I was trying to stay calm but got pretty freaked at some points because I was on the side of the road, by myself, dressed for the concert, scared to get back in the smoking car – and I could hear voices coming from the woods. Is this not the perfect scenario for every horror movie you’ve never wanted to watch? Phone call after phone call, lots of text messages. Where the heck to get it towed to, where was I, etc. The guy from the insurance company was like “hey, not to make you feel worse but I had a Mustang and it sounds like almost the same thing that happened to be. Unfortunately it was a serious problem.” Oh great thanks! What’s that place you want to tow it to? Pineda? Vaneda?! Oh you don’t know? Me neither, I think that’s probably not the best choice. OH my word. I eventually walked back to the car, so I’d be closer by and after like an hour and a half a cop comes pounding on my window. What’s going on? What are you doing? What happened? Is someone coming? Oh you know, I just like to chill on the side of the road for fun. Anyway. So! As fate would have it, a friend of a friend was also enroute to Jax and would actually be passing me on the side of I-10. I went from being alone, to then Jules (to the rescue! who first pulled up to a van with a family and a bunch of confused children as to why she was approaching them,) then my cousin! Who left his hang out to come save the day and because he didn’t like me chillin on the side of the interstate by myself, and thennn a tow truck all at the same spot. I am so eternally grateful to my cousin Tim, and to Jules for helpin a girl out. Like seriously. Life savers. And my parents for their patience, since they were trying to help from a baseball game in Panama City. And Beth the friend I was enroute to visit, for orchestrating the rescue to Jacksonville. I mean seriously? Way to pull through and ignite my faith in humanity. No one had to do anything they did, and it really meant a lot. I tweeted on the side of the road about being disappointed since I’d wanted to see Lisa Loeb since like middle school. SHE TWEETED ME BACK! “Oh no! Someone call triple a” eek! I had kind of just let myself try and accept that if I could even get there, it’d be worth whatever came of the weekend. And you know what? After a crazy adventure in weird directions and getting stuck waiting for the longest train ever to come through Jules got me there in time! (And we had a nice girl talk on the way over, and that was nice after being in the middle of no where by myself with just my thoughts.) I didn’t even miss her! How that magically worked out? Ohh definitely not by my doing. Apparently, according to the woman seated next to me (who’d seen LL seventeen years ago with Lyle Lovett, and then later at Lilith Fair) the opener had gotten stranded in Dallas, so I didn’t miss that either. (I guess one of the band members of Nine Stories, played in the meantime?)

Now, after all these years look what happened! I had the pleasure of meeting her. I bought that poster she signed and spelled my name right! She told the woman who took our photo, “we tweeted each other! We talk on Twitter.” Because you know the first thing out of my mouth was “I was the girl who tweeted about being stuck in the middle of nowhere!” And she was like oh no that was you! Did you get to see the show? I’m so glad! ahh etc. but my brain is mush because I was so in awe. She’s just as beautiful and awesome in person as she seemed in my head all these years.

The show was incredible, too. She was so funny on stage. And she played so many songs! Wishing Heart, Truthfully, Jake, I Do, Stay, Dance with the Angels, Snow Day, Hurricane, Bring Me Up, This even The Disappointing Pancake! And several songs from No Fairy Tale! Ohh, I thought my heart might explode. She’s just so talented, and I was trying to soak it all in, each note, each strum. She had some anecdotes to go along with the songs too, and it really felt like she was just having a normal conversation with the audience.

So yeah, just like a friend said – what had temporarily seemed like a bit of a nightmare turned into a pretty memorable night, in a good way.

To be continued…


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