Just Do It

One of my favorite pages on Facebook, Distant Runners posted this image recently and I just think it’s great:

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this season I joined a training group that meets on Monday nights to gear up for the Springtime Tallahassee 10K. It’s been a great experience, and has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people. Prior to this the only time I’d run with others was on race days. There’s something special about hitting the road with a group. I find myself exerting more energy into the hills, picking up my pace, and I love being able to keep up a conversation when we’re running. I swear it’s what’s been shaving time off my 5K results lately. Unfortunately the past two weeks, I missed the group run. It’s crazy how much a difference it made in my week. Even throughout the day when I’m feeling sluggish and tired and would really rather go shopping or home to take a nap, when I pull into the parking lot of the park my stomach gets all full of butterflies with nervous excitement. You never know who you’ll see or what the run will have in store.

Yesterday, I finally made it back out there. Even though I was like ehh I don’t know, some of my normal running buddies lately wouldn’t be there, and I really took it easy last week so I knew the last long group run would be tough. The intermediates were going to run 5.5 miles, but I ended up running with a woman I’d met a few weeks ago, who also missed last week, and oh my gosh it was one of my favorite runs in so long. She really pushed me. We were keeping up with what’s normally my 10K race pace, and after a turn off we missed a turn and ended up tacking on extra mileage (we knew where we were so we just took a long way back to the park.) She was so encouraging on the hills, and it was really nice to have someone to chat with. It just reinforced all the reasons of why I go out there. And it felt so good to dominate that run. Plus, she works at the hospital and told me a crazy story about another woman we were running with in the beginning. Apparently she was her patient when she had BYPASS surgery a year and a half ago! She’s not even fifty! And you should see her run! She’s so healthy and fit, and it just blows my mind that she went through that so recently. (And it’s also scary to be reminded that sometimes it doesn’t matter how healthy or in shape you are, some kind of sickness can still attack.) It was just so inspiring to see and know.

Next week is our taper week and a little celebration leading up the race on Saturday. I’ll be disappointed when this group comes to a close! They announced that they’re starting up a Trailblazers group though that will run out at the Greenway (remember all those photos at sunset I used to post?) That area kicks my butt on runs, but I should probably suck it up and face the challenge.

Anyway, if you’re a runner (or if you’re not and you wanna get into it) if you’re feeling sluggish or slackerish just remember how good it feels when you get out there and do it. Happy Tuesday y’all and happy running!


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