Take the Quiz: What City Should I Live In?

I saw this quiz from BuzzFeed floating around on Facebook the other day, and figured I’d try it out to see what I got. Funny – I got Portland. In the past few years several people had suggested Portland would be a good city for me, (but then discovering that I probably couldn’t handle the cold – Austin has been the other most frequent suggestion!) Anyway, it’s a fun silly little quiz – you should try it!  Also, this only reinforces Portland’s spot on my bucket list.

  1. You got: Portland

    You are a free spirit, but not in the LA way, in the “you’re probably more cultured than most of your friends” way. You’re up-to-date on all the latest coffee brewing techniques, have a long list of local blogs you love to read, and can taste the organic goodness in every bite you eat. Move to Portland already, you sexy smarty pants.


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