This afternoon as I drove home from work, I was watching the way the light fell across the trees. It’s that lazy, Sunday afternoon, light that just splashes across the leaves amongst the shadows. Fall is here. It’s been undeniably warm, and humid but there’s no doubt – that’s fall light in the air.

I may have been at the beach twenty-four hours ago, but that doesn’t erase the fact I’m giddy for that fall weather. It makes me excited with anticipation for everything that’s ahead. It’s funny the power seasons have over emotions like that. Or maybe it’s just me? I just want the air to get cooler, where I’m not baking from the inside out when I run down the sidewalks in the morning. I want my nose to get cold if I’m outside for too long, and then that just welcomes warm drinks and cuddles and the constant possibility of bonfires in life.

In the meantime I’ll fill my house with candles that feel seasonal, and everything pumpkin. (Yes, I’m that girl.)

It’s October, this is acceptable.


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