Throwback Thursday: Christmas Break Related

Hello, hello it’s throwback Thursday once again! I kind of just see what strikes my fancy as I browse Facebook albums on Thursday mornings. Here’s what caught my attention today:

Look at my brother’s crazy long hair, and sweet Duke in pretty good health with his giant self hogging the photo. (Christmas 2010)
At the ICE exhibit in Orlando, my birthday weekend (November 2008.)
From that fabulous road trip to North Carolina with my little sister, Kaylynn (December 2007.)
Mandy in our room pre-Christmas break 2007, trying on her gear for her ski-trip. Who would have known she was going to get engaged that break! 🙂
Lauren and I, Christmas break 2006.
Kinda forgot this picture existed, napping on Christmas break, hanging out with Duke 2006. Miss that sweet dog…
Dad and Ethan taking a walk on the beach in Destin, 2006.
Mom, Ethan and I Christmas 2005. Talk about a throwback, seven years already!

Happppy Birthday, Mandy!

Alright, as if you haven’t been able to tell yet I have a bit (understatement) of an obsession with my fabulous sisters, and today we’re celebrating another one’s birthday! One of my sweetest, dearest, favorite friends is turning 25 today! I’m wishing a Happy Happy Birthday to Mandy! If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I’ve been blessed with some pretty awesome roommates over the years (Lizzi in London, Camille in the annex,) but my first sister roommate was Mandy. We moved into the house together our sophomore year, and lived there again our junior year. (Plus, you could just go ahead and consider her Camille and I’s third roommate senior year.) As I’ve mentioned before, I am quite aware I was not the easiest person to live with. I’m kind of messy, can have some pretty intense mood swings, she might have had to listen to “Tracks of my Tears,” “Piano Man,” and “Tiny Dancer” about three thousand times, and never gave me too much of a hard time about my enthusiasm for Kyle XY. Junior year fall was a “little” stressful with my unexpected term serving on exec. and the constant knocks on our door at three olock in the morning to tell me that the kitchen was having electrical problems, they couldn’t get ice out of the machine, or  oops locked out can you call the locksmith? (I’m telling you, when these random requests stop life’s normalcy feels weird for a while.) This girl is amazing though, she’s smart and funny and has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever know! She’s a loyal friend, and she sticks by through thick and thin. We have been through so much together, and I have been so unbelievably blessed by our friendship. (I am super super excited because she’s coming to town in two weeks for homecoming YES!) I have countless memories with this girl. Some of the things that come to the forefront of my mind pretty quickly are our old days in the house, it felt like summer camp all the time. We built blanket forts in our room, and would stay up all hours whispering about endless things from our bunk beds until one of us fell asleep. We watched ridiculous amounts of Nancy Grace and news coverage on bizarre events. We tutored at Grace Mission together, and took our mentees on little outings. We road tripped to the beach and Thomasville. She’s the one who’d call the cops when my phone gets stolen in the middle of the night, or brings me crackers at four am when I’m complaining from the other side of the room that I feel like death from our cinnamon drinks. I think about the excitement of her engagement, or the night she asked me to be her MOH. Screaming through a scary haunted house, the katrillion number of times we got ready for events together – always ready to throw on a crazy costume. What’s crazy to think is that we’ve been friends for about six years now, and the amount of bonding we’ve packed into that time. I’m wishing this special person a very happy birthday and year full of great things to come!

One of our first roomie pics!

Pre-littles for all of us 🙂

Oh you know, we just had Stacia help us make matching lady bug dresses, haha.

Omgsh, such a fun night – Jacki’s Waltz and epic evening at Chubbies. Also the night we jumped in the fountain and I drowned that poor phone.

Winter Formal Sophomore  year!

Spring Break in the Keys sophomore year.

Tiffany and Gary’s wedding!

Jacki’s wedding in St.Augustine

This one was on our door’s bulletin board for a while

Girl’s beach weekend

Pier Park in Panama City

GREEK meet and greet 🙂

Mandy’s 21st purple Princess 🙂

Another favorite…some random biker bar in Oveido, getting invited to birthday parties…

Oh just filling in on phones at the hotel pre-Carly’s wedding

Rachel’s waltzzz

Oh a fave moment…just chatting on the phone at the Inn Between.

Camille’s waltz!

Toga time!

Beth’s Tutu 22 Waltz

Our awesome shirts we borrowed from Eryn, haha

Rockstar social, hence the ridiculous outfits…

Senior year semi-formal

Island exploring adventure on the cruise

Senior year spring break cruise with our new FSU almuni friend at Senor Frogs.

Shelby’s waltz!

We were sad it was our last social!

Senior bar crawl night!

Spring Formal senior year! (Our last one :()

Senior banquet night

Our last night before graduation, hanging out at the Inn Between…

Finally riding the electric golf cart, bucket list check haha

Rehearsal dinner night!

Beautiful bride on her wedding day! (I was honored to be her maid of honor.)

Deb ball fun!

Reunited for a little summer visit!

Hanging out in the back room at Water Works on a fall visit

Girls weekend last spring!

“They are half of my heart, they are worth far more than gold…”

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – a definite perk to still being in Tallahassee is that I get to know the girls in my Phi Mu family line. During your first semester as a Phi, you get a big sister. My big is Hailey, who’s my fellow Brit-pop loving, perfect movie date going, quirky lovable sister. She’s a smarty pants in law school, and getting married next year (eek!) Hailey was a junior the year she took me as her little, so we only had two years together but those two years were pretty fabulous. Plus, at the time her parents were living in Tampa so we got to visit on breaks too! A year later, you get your own little sister. My little is Kaylynn. We were basically destined from the start. She rushed as a sophomore so I’m only a few months older than her, but she’s about five feet taller than me, so it all evens out you know. (After going to grad school in NC, she’s now at UGA in Athens getting her PHD because she’s a smarty pants too.) The next year she got her little Eryn. My darling grand little from our founding hometown of Macon, Georgia. We bonded so quickly and really made the most of our college time together from tailgates, socials, weddings, spring break, just really fitting a lot into that window of time. I know it was hard because Kaylynn and I graduated the same year. (Now Eryn’s back in Macon but will be starting PA school in January in Atlanta! Roadtrip anyone? But I mean, really…I’m the only one missing this post-undergrad train, what am I doing?) Eryn’s little is Laura, a spitfire fiesty one from Melbourne. (Did I mention that she sails?! Yeah, I gotta little obsessed when I found out that fact.)  Last year Laura got her little Kelly, who is a sweetheart, and hilarious and so sweet and easy-going. Her laid back personality is so refreshing! It has been so fun to get to spend time with all of them in this window of post-grad time I’ve spent in my college town. Now, this year Phi Mu had a really large pledge class and for the first time I remember happening in our family line in a looong time, there are “twins.” Laura took ANOTHER little! A sweet girl from Winter Park (woohoo! she was really convincing me to move to Orlando last night at dinner, haha)named Molly, and Kelly got her little this year, another sweetheart from Tampa named Sarah.

(Can I just share with you an entertaining comment I came across in my Facebook timeline while looking for a family photo. In 2006 the week I got initated I had posted a status that said “ecstatic to be a sister!!” a friend from my hometown, Cameron posted on my wall soon after “whoa Meg!! Is your mom pregnant?!” I just started LOL-ing. Oh, life.)

You know, these photos are from a lot of social events but it’s so much more than just hanging out at parties and getting ready together for themed stuff. It’s all the little things in between. When you’re having a bad day and you burst into tears and they don’t even have to say anything, just give you a hug and listen. It’s the exciting stuff, from lavaliers, and engagements. Acceptances into grad school, law school, big events. It’s wonderful to have support groups for the triumphs but the pitfalls too. To share in celebration of big life events with each other, but the minor day to day things too. Staying up late baking cookies, having trashy tv marathons. The lunch dates, hours of sitting at coffee tables, dinner dates, movie dates. Road trips where the getting there is just as fun as the being there, the epically long conversations about life and love and wishes and aspirations. As we get older, we may not get to see one another as often as we’d like, but I wouldn’t trade my time with these girls for anything.

Though miles may come between us,
Though our paths may drift apart,
We’ve got our bond between us
that keeps us Sisters at heart

Our big/little reveal the Bold and the Beautiful family (cheesy but whatever) theme was Pilots. That’s my grand-big Amanda on the left, and my big Hailey on the right. I still have those aviators, and wore them last weekend actually.

Winter Formal my freshman year (when Amanda paired us up with some of her military boyfriends friends…)

The night of big/little reveal we met up with Amanda for icecream. (A lot more tame, than my reveal night at Chubbies haha. Chubbies isn’t even open anymore, and I was kind of freaked out because I was definitely a freshman baby and not adjusted to Tallahassee night life yet haha.)

Fall of 2010, Christmas break Kay and I went on an epic big/little road trip to North Carolina and visited her grandparents, who are so awesome – Ida Rose and Harold. This is hanging out on some hay bales.

And riding the four-wheeler. (I’m a baby and screamed the whole time of course!)

Super fun night at the Pikes of the Caribbean party:

This was from one of our last social events, Hailey’s senior year – she was so excited because she’d wanted us to do something toga themed her whole time in college.

Fall 2008 when I became the top of the family tree:

Homecoming weekend of 2008 the most exciting thing happened! My grand-big’s BIG came to town, and we got to take the longest complete family line photo. Isis is at the top (Amanda’s big,) then Amanda, Hailey, me, Kaylynn, and Eryn. We were pretty psyched about this. Plus, I’d never gotten to meet Isis before. Such a fun weekend!

Holiday Party 2008

Spring Semi Formal 2010

One good thing about being the same year as my little is graduation pics together!

Football fall 2010:

At Eryn’s Deb Ball two years back

Erin and I got to hang out at some tail gates last year, a few times!

Then last year, lucky me still being in Tallahassee I got to hang out with my wonderful great-great-grandlittle Kelly:

Ignore that kid jumping in our pic at Ken’s.

Then Eryn graduated and left us:

But then super fun things happen like Eryn coming into town for the weekend, like last night and we get to have a BIG family dinner at our family tradition spot – El Tap. (Mexican restaurants have always been our thing. Hailey and I used to go to San Miguel’s all the time.)

Just missing a few 😦

First Lady Friday!

Last Monday evening, thanks to my sweet friend Jamie I had the opportunity to see our awesome First Lady, Michelle Obama speak at the Civic Center. Jamie and my brother Ethan came and picked me up from work around 4PM Monday, and after parking in a lot a few blocks away – we headed straight over to the Civic Center. The line was already sprawling across so many blocks and stretches of sidewalk. (She wasn’t scheduled to speak until 6:55PM!)



Of course, it’s September in Tallahassee so after about a half hour of waiting in line – the downpour came. We got soaked! And it didn’t let up. Luckily, this is the fastest way to make friends with your line mates. Someone made an awning over their head out of the windbreaker they’d brought, and a few of us crowded underneath it. We chatted about food trucks, and all sorts of things. We ran from tree to tree to seek a little shelter from the pelting cold rain. Eventually we finally made it up top to the concrete slab where the line started snaking airport style. (And people were getting a little sad they really would have to lose their umbrellas.) Airport style security checks and BAM! we were in. There were a few other speakers before it was her turn, and the Tallahassee Boys Choir opened up, but when she took the stage she spoke for about 40 minutes! We were on the floor and very close. (It was crazy to think, there we were seeing her speak with the naked eye. Wow.) If you’d like to read any news related article about the event, here’s one from WCTV. It really was a fabulous event. It reignited the spark I remember being alive when I was helping pre-election in 2008. All the voter registration days, marching to early voting, debate watch parties, the Joe Biden rally, etc.

Here are a few photos from Monday:


The ticket for the event.



Some of the signs inside the Civic Center. (Taken with my iPhone, trying to conserve battery for the speech.)

florida background

mo wave

michelle smile

mo look

mo speak

mo speak2speak3


crowd wide

forward sign

trio michelle

Jamie, me, and Ethan after hearing her speak.

And since I promised a little make-up of my lack of Throwback Thursday last week, I’ll tell you about an experience from the spring semester of my college freshman year in 2007! I had just made a new friend, Kylan at a College Dems meeting on campus. One day he told me he was going to be attending a fundraiser event in Jacksonville, to support who would be the next President of the United States. (He was right!) Did I want to join him? Ummm, yes! It was a really awesome experience – a somewhat intimate gathering in someone’s backyard of this beautiful Jacksonville neighborhood. We got to meet President Obama (before he was President, obviously) and listen to him speak.

Signing copies of his book.

I didn’t take a bunch of photos, (and this was pre-iPhone or I’d have been instagraming it up! Discreetly of course.) But oh I remember all of the details quite vividly. I was kind of nervous about the whole thing, so I probably ate very little of the appetizers, and I was so intrigued by the journalists mingling and this person who I was sure was a musician (and upon remembering his nametag and doing a google search later, alas he was!)

A few photos from the Joe Biden rally at FSU’s Langford Green, fall 2008 with my friend Beth (Jamie’s big sister!):

Election night, 2008:

With Lizzi at the watch party in the stadium!

(Borrowed these from Alex of the jumbotron and the stadium.)

With Max and Alex at the watch party in Club Downunder!

This is a picture of Kylan and I, a few years later outside of Georgia Browns in DC where we ate dinner with my family while my dad was in town for a work trip, and he was interning for former US Representative Allen Boyd. We’re still friends today! He just finished law school in Connecticut and moved to Brooklyn! I know, a visit is in order soon!

Alright, alright – if you’ve made it this far in the entry let me take up one more second of your time to remind you if you’re eligible to vote, don’t forget to register! You can start the process online here.

Throwback Thursday: Friend Appreciation Post

Hola, good morning everyone. I’m thinking for today I’d like to make a little appreciation post of one of my dearest friends Lizzi! She celebrated her 25th birthday last Saturday (kicked it off right at the Obama event in Tampa.) I have been blessed in so many ways by our friendship over the years. There’s something to be said for the friends we make on the cusp of our teens, and who hang on in the tumultuous years of our early twenties. These are crazy times for sure. We met in the fall of my freshman year (her sophomore) at FSU. We were in the same pledge class in Phi Mu. We were in the same sorority family (B&B yeah!,) and our big sisters were friends, but we grew our own tight knit friendship over the years. We were roomies in London, and there’s no one else I would have rather spent that summer abroad with. We served on exec together my junior (her senior year.) She lived across the hall from Mandy and I in the house. Her parents lived in Winter Springs while we were in college, so we were close enough for little visits on holiday breaks from school (she’s the one who introduced me to Chiptole before it made its arrival in Tally!) Sometimes we went to church together. We watched results come in for the 2008 election together in the stadium. We’ve attended weddings together, had some of the best nights out, and best nights in. Our friendship transcended that weird stage post-college. I was lucky enough to get some “extra” time with her as she stayed in Tallahasssee for law school. I got to know her awesome boyfriend Drew. She shared yummy recipes, we had pool days, and book talks, and chick flick watches. We had countless Panera dates, and girly froyo meet-ups where she was always a good voice of reason. We are always able to share fully and honestly whether it be in really great seasons, or the less so ones. (She would calmly listen on days I was edgy with desperation in rough patches, and counsel with good advice. She’d share entertaining anecdotes to make me laugh. She’s a wonderful shoulder when I burst into ugly tears.) She is one of my favorite sister-friends and I am just so proud to know her. Lizzi may only be two months older than me, but I have always looked up to, and admired her. She sets and meets these incredible goals, she has such a positive outlook on life, she’s funny and smart and pretty. She’s so encouraging and seeing all the things she accomplishes is a motivator and inspiration to me in itself (like her running, etc.) So cheers to my amazing friend Lizzi! And now here’s a little trip down memory lane with a few photos, (since she’s made other appearances on photo posts here I’ll try and share some different ones):

Grey’s Anatomy

Car ride over to the reveal!

Big sis reveal ’07, (we were sooo excited to get our littles!)

I think this was on the way to a 007 social, post pomping party.

Blackout game tailgating at Phi Tau, Fall ’07.

Black out game fall ’07.

Repeat, but it’s a favorite!

Parent’s weekend banquet fall 2007.

Fall Semester, Phi Tau party – November 2007.

At our founder’s college on the sisterhood retreat in Macon.

Pow Wow ’07!

Christmas ’07!

Formal ’07!

Grandslam Philanthropy ’08!

Before seeing Hairspray at the West End!

Quatting it up at Tower Bridge!

And again at a phone booth.

We found Ty Pennington in a pub!


At the Peter Pan statue 🙂 summer 08.

Our fave – Revolution Vodka Bar.

This one was in the study abroad catalog for a few semesters. (Also, ABBA was our go to playlist for getting ready that summer.)

Alternated with the Across the Universe soundtrack. We were probably a bit delirious on the crazzzzy long bus ride to Scotland!

Jumping pic in Scotland (she’s REALLY good at these!)

Castle where Maid of Honor was filmed!



Our fave tour guide!

Oh this was an entertaining experience getting up there in Trafalgar square for this “sir fidel” shot!

Our home tube station.

Clock and Seal banquet!

We liked to endure the rainy FB games, together!

Her 21st birthday waltz!

Awaiting election results!

Relay for Life – in the tent in a rainy patch.

At Mandy’s wedding summer 2010!

Gasparilla Parade last year.

Grad party!

With hopefully a million more great times to come in the future! She’s living in Tampa now, so I obviously need to make some Central FL visits, and I can’t wait for them to come up for some games – eek!

Fill in the Blank Friday: School Themed

Hi friends, and happy Friday to everyone! Is it just me, or are “short weeks” (the work days following a holiday,) simultaneously long and short? I mean, Tuesday I felt like it was a trick to be “skipping” Monday, and then all the days just seemed to have their own sense of chaos. (This could be because part of the ceiling fell down at work, and the AC leaked all over the fax machine, credit card machine, filing boxes, envelopes, paper, etc. and so lines were down and it was kind of chaotic kicking off the week!) But somehow it is here once again, and since it’s been a while I thought I’d take a page from The Little Things We Do and participate in Fill in the Blank Friday again! This one is a little school themed. I don’t have kids in school, (or at all for that matter,) and I’m not in school myself, but I have been a little nostalgic for school lately seeing my younger friends getting back into the mode of fall semester, and the kids in the neighborhood hanging out at bus stops before the crack of dawn on my morning runs.

(Borrowed this adorable image from More Design Please. *NOT MY PHOTO*)

1.  My favorite grade in school was oh jeez, if they’re all going to be like this this entry will be impossible! I was (am) a nerd, and LOVED school so several of my years were favorites. One answer you don’t find very often was how much I adored 8th grade (despite drama, hurt feelings, those first pains of “growing up” etc.) I’ve already mentioned how much I loved 4th grade. You’ve seen how cool my first and third grade classes were! 7th grade, 2nd grade, and 5th grade were particularly rough years. Junior year of high school, though it was Lauren’s answer who I’m filling this out from was not one of my favorite years. (Sophomore year before it was way more awesome – so was sophomore of college!)

2.  My favorite teacher was  ok this is awful too! I LOVED so many of my teachers. I was just reading my high school yearbook from 10th grade, and my english teacher Ms.Able had written the sweetest note, and there were jokes between her and my amazing chemistry teacher Mr.Bingham. My first grade teacher, Mrs.Jaworski taught me how to read, for real (I was faking it in kindergarten) and she is one of my favorite people in the world, still. Mrs.Alegretta and Mr.Hebert were amazing. Two of my teachers in sixth grade who were best friends were incredible. I had really cool teachers in english, history, and science in eighth grade. Mr.Delucia always felt like my grandpa, he had so much knowledge to share PLUS he was sweet and cool, and gave you a hard time even when he really liked you. Coach in 11th was so great because he really cared, he noticed if you were upset and made sure to check on you and that has always stuck with me. In college Mark Zeigler was my hands down most favorite professor in all of the universe. I took every single one of his classes I could. He’s like my favorite human. And Pamela Robinson is just AMAZING too. I don’t think I’ve ever loved another history class as much as I loved taking Race & Ethnicity from her. I’ve just been blessed to have several incredible educators in my life over the years.

3.  The highest level of education I have completed is    a BA in Communication (Media Studies.)
4. School lunches for me were usually homemade. I almost always took a lunch box, (or later on a paper bag so I wouldn’t have to carry it around the rest of the day.) In kindergarten I would get school lunch on pizza day just so I could hopefully get in line next to my crush.
5. The amount of money you’d have to pay me to go back to high school would be  oh my gosh, I don’t know if enough money exists. Sure there were good moments, and I loved yearbook, and friends that I made but oh my gosh high school was a time of incredibly grueling years for me emotionally and I don’t think I’d want to subject myself to any of that again. (Sure there are things I wonder, like what if I’d been running back then and joined the XC team? Or actually participated in a drama production instead of just hanging out with the club all the time. BUT who knows where I’d be now. And I can’t really take present day knowledge back with me right?)
6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are:  when the SCHOOL SUPPLY AISLES APPEAR! People rushing to get the last copies of required reading texts at the end of summer in bookstores. Lunchboxes. “Tax-free weekend” in Florida.

7.  The first day of school was always exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I’d always get butterflies the night before. I’d be so excited with that beginning of the year magic, the possibility that lingers in the air that makes it seem like anything could happen. I was always convinced I’d get lost. I always worried on the inside about who I’d sit with at lunch. Were people going to make fun of me? Was my assigned seating going to be as awful as 8th grade algebra? So many things to wonder and worry about, but also SO much to look forward to. Seeing friends you hadn’t gotten to hang out with over the summer! New books at the library! (UGH I hated summer required reading, so that was one thing that always had me in a bind – those first week of school tests!) Fresh pencils. Fresh notebooks. Exciting journal topics. I almost always developed crushes on guys in my classes I sat near. Seeing your crush from the year before, and anticipating if you’d still get a rush of butterflies. Yeah, I was definitely a fan of the first day of school! Such a whirlwind!

Boy did I ramble about school! There are huge parts of me that miss it, still. This is the third fall semester since I graduated from college, and it still feels weird not returning. Though sometimes when I’m hanging out, (say at my brother’s house, or talking on the phone with my little sister who’s getting her PhD, or my big sister who’s in law school) the stress of school is not appealing. I miss the social aspects (note how many times I mentioned crushes,) and NOT the math classes. I miss the routine, and stability, and the small goals from week to week. I miss going to a classroom and being excited about the lessons, talking about social media, and television and society. I miss extra curriculars, and staying late for sporting events. Passing notes and bus ride partners. Walks to lunch and dark room conversations. TAing and clubs and early morning meetings. It’s so weird to me that for the majority of the beginning of our lives we’re in school and then bam! one day you’re not. I still don’t feel like I really understand how we’re supposed to function and go about regular life in the “real world.” Like I’m waiting for someone to put me on the bus back to class again?
Anyway, enough’s enough – have a FABULOUS weekend everyone! Stay safe and enjoy!

Throwback Thursday #12: MySpace What

If any of you are anything like me and get sucked into marathons of TV shows that you’ve already seen before, than you’re probably aware of MTV replaying The Hills on “Retro MTV.” (The fact that enough years have supposedly passed since I was in high school, that shows that aired regularly then can be considered “retro” is bizarre to me, btw.) Nonetheless, like I’ve explained with the random TLC shows I get sucked into, I’ve found myself watching episode after episode of The Hills, again. In my defense, a lot of the time it’s on for some background noise while I’m cooking in the kitchen. Otherwise the house is just too creepy quiet. Also, is it just me or are LC’s story lines relatable no matter when you watch them? And I wish I’d paid closer attention  the first time I’d watched, and remembered some completely awful character traits *cough*Spencer*cough* (or JB even,) and committed them to memory to complete avoid people who displayed any of them later in life. Alas, I didn’t and now in retrospect I can see these trends of behaviors in people I spent time with and I just think to myself…what exactly was I thinking?! See, I could’ve learned a lesson! But you know, like Audrina says somethings we have to learn for ourselves, so it might not have been that helpful at the time anyway.

Ok, longest tangent ever to get to the point that in season one, when Spencer and Brody are actually checking their MySpace accounts and bragging about friend requests, I got the urge to check out my own dated profile. I haven’t been on there in forever, and here are some of the photos I dug up (some of these weren’t even taken on a digital camera…):

JD and I, I think we were sixteen? Hanging out at Lauralyn’s house. Probably making s’mores on the chiminea.

My hermana Kirsten and I at the Jimmy Eat World concert at House of Blues, meeting Tom! (Either 10th or 11th grade for me, I think January of 10th.)

Oh man, this pic is old. I think I was sixteen at the time (because I used my video camera I’d gotten for my birthday to take the still photo) on the train in England. Even older flashback? This was my LJ icon for forevvver.

With Ali, Kir’s roommate at Stetson. I’d never gotten ready to “go out” anywhere. Between the two of them they had about nine thousand and seventeen MAC eyeshadows, and they did my make up for the night.

With JD August of senior year, during the week we did AIM club activities, getting the incoming freshman ready to start school. I remember how several people commented on this photo thinking I looked like Lo (Bosworth) at the time. I don’t really see it.

My awesome pen pal Katherine made me that shirt! This was on the trampoline at my cousin’s house in Tallahassee, with my brother one football weekend.

With Theresa and Sunni at a bonfire at JD’s house.

Hanging out with Nate the summer of my senior year.

Another photo from Stetson, lounging on the floor with Asha in the dorms the weekend of a Jack’s Mannequin concert.

Oh man, we were such dorks. I remember this night, Luke Matt and I were hanging out watching a Beatles special on CNN (seriously.)

This photo is so random. It’s at my work (now,) where we tailgated when I was in high school. This was the weekend of the UF/FSU game. I don’t know if we were playing hide and seek or what.

With Kirsten and Parker, dress-up random photo shoot in my room after we were finally freeee from the AP English test!

With Lauren on the last day of school, my senior year her freshman year of high school.

My little bro and I one of the last weekends before I left for college.

Caption reads “P4L” which means pirates for life. Charlie, Kyle, me, Brad.

“What’s a friend? A single soul dwelling in ten bodies.” (Asha’s caption for this photo.) What’s better than a pile of friends?

Girls at the bowling alley. Classy.

Wedding table at Erin & Jon’s wedding!

The height difference is outta control.

Ok, here’s the thing – other than these random random photos with friends, there’s something else myspace is full of. (It appears the kids on Instagram are calling them “selfies” these days.) Photos of yourself, taken at totally unnatural angles, and lighting. So vain and ridiculous, but not unusual at all at the time. Sometimes your arm is stuck in the shot. A lot of times they’re zoomed in. It’s a wonder we remember where and when they were taken in the first place.

I think this was taken on the beach in Destin one night when my family was on vacation. This is such a “myspace” pic. Ugh. (Also, the captions on almost all of my photos are song lyrics. These were from Spoon “And we believe in the sum of ourselves. That’s the way we get by.”

I loved that tiedye shirt. And the caption to this was “Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.” (from Boys Like Girls “Thunder” song.)

And The Decemberists “If you don’t love me, let me go.”

Or a My So Called Life quote: “Like your life just figured out how to get good. Like, that second.” Ohh, Angela Chase.

Myspace was the perfect spot for vain pictures of your new haircut.

Or quoting The OC while wearing a Jack’s Mannequin shirt. “In order for two halves to be whole, each half must be whole on its own.”

My albums were frequently spammed with playground photos. (And captions I probably felt so connected to at the time, like “You look like the songs that I’ve heard my whole life, coming true.”)

Or ones where you’re actually doing something (like I caught that fish with just that line at Cooter Pond that day!) But also, I’m pretty sure this is the day I started crying on the dock about prom. Sum up high school much?

What happens in college when you go social costume shopping at WalMart with your best friend.

My Blow Pop shirt! And another favorite song lyric “Not even chapped lips will stop me from kissing your sunburned cheeks.”

“Love just leaves you bruised” and actually managed curls, I probably took this before walking outside at all that day.

“You grew up and you sparkled, why don’t you care?” (Some favorite SoCo lyrics from “Walking By”) in one of my favorite formal dresses, ever. Oh you know just having a photo shoot in my Converse shoes in my living room. (Everything and nothing is normal about this.)

Shake my head…black and white, angles, sunglasses inside. Typical.

Sweet Duke, and I.