Friday Favorites Makes a Comeback!

Hey guys! I know, I’ve been slacking on the Friday Favorites posts, but here I am, and they’re back.

(Found on Pinterest)

It’s been almost a month since Bonnaroo and I am still having withdrawals. I just can’t readjust to regular life, whatever that means? I just wanna follow where ever the road takes me. Where the sunshine lights the way, and when it rains? You just dance in it.

In the meantime, I got real hooked on reading the Bonnaroo Missed Connections posts. (And look! Some of them actually worked!)

This kid, (my awesome brother) turned 22 yesterday! Celebrated with a delicious dinner at Jasmine’s, fun times. And now it’s back to the beach this weekend. Fingers crossed for some sunshine at some point!

Last weekend I made my return to the world of 5Ks. So what if it was in a tropical depression, untimed, and not my prettiest run? It was enough to kick back in that competitive spirit I’d kind of lost touch with. This has been a good running week for me, I’ll get my groove back eventually. Yesterday morning, cotton candy skies greeted me good morning on my pre-work run and I can’t really ask for more.

Got tickets to see Kinky Boots in NYC next week. Excited for a trip to the city, time with old friends, and some good ole explorin’!

Oh, did I tell y’all I got a guitar?! This is going to be a long journey, but the dream’s still alive. (My sound still hurts my own ears right now, but I’ll get there – eventually!)

It’s no new thing that one day I will make my way to Glastonbury, but you have to see how awesome this video is. Could that stage hold any more talent?! Gah.

Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed I’ve given Meg Says & this blog Mugs Life face lifts, and I’m pretty excited! They’re long overdue.

Look how awesome my house-mate is. Like, beyond awesome. She knows me so well. And not just because these are cool presents, but because they’re so sweet! AND she made that stationery herself! On her friends letterpress in California! Seriously, so cool. Living with her is probably my favorite thing about Tallahassee.

One more thing? Don’t forget about the kindness of strangers. It’s always there. You’re always .2 seconds a way from making a new friend, some new connection. Heck. Dustin at Pep Boys took $10 off my oil change yesterday just because we engaged in conversation. Made my day, and helped me out. Plus it was just a reminder of how much the universe balances out.


Friday Favorites

Hello, hello! Happy Friday everyone! I know my posts have been sparse this week, but I wanted to drop in and share some videos and such for my Friday Favorites. Check this stuff out, enjoy, and have a faaabulous weekend!

If you missed Blake Shelton’s Healing in the Heartland telethon on Wednesday night, be sure to check out this video of he and Usher singing “Home” together. I love every version of this song, I think. From the classic by Chantal Kreviazuk in the Dawson’s Creek days, to the Buble version Phi Mu used in our icewaters day recruitment video, to Blake’s twangy version. The benefit concert was fundraising for United Way to support the rebuilding of Oklahoma following the devastating tornadoes from last week.



Also, Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” ripped my heart out. That girl is one of my favorite celebrities & musicians, in all senses of the titles. She wears her heart on her sleeve, whether that means super teary moments, or her fiesty I don’t care what you think attitude. She’s got one heck of an awesome personality, and I love seeing people that are true to themselves all the way succeed like she has. Also, hello – especially in relation to the tragedy in Oklahoma, this song is so appropriate and heartwarming.



I basically spontaneously decided to go hang out with my parents at the beach again this weekend. Who knows what the weather will be like, but we could cross our fingers for something like this?

My roommate showed me this crazzzy Tallahassee rap video. You gotta check  it out:



If you missed this photo this week, look at in all of its awesomeness. (Credit to Quinn Miller.)

The Today Show did a story on it, and apparently the couple is still on their honeymoon so they’re not aware that this photo has gone viral. If you know me and my love for dinosaurs then you wouldn’t be surprised that this is going on that mental to-do “just in case” list in the back of my head. AMAZZZZING. My friend said her fiance wants to do this, and I’m in total support of that choice.

Friday Favorites

Hello, there! Here’s yet another edition of my Friday Favorites. Let’s say it all together now, “TGIF!” That’s for sure. I am so looking forward to spending sometime with the family at the beach this weekend. (And I’m a nerd and look forward to the time jamming out in the car ride on the way there. Maybe getting some coffee because what beats a Friday afternoon caffeine high? OK, Friday Happy Hours in the sunshine are pretty fabulous as well.) Anyways, you’re probably wondering what I’ve got for you today?

All Tide Up will be getting new shirts (TANKS! just in time for summer) in the store this weekend. Get excited because I know, I am! Be sure to check it out, and if you haven’t already, give ’em a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are giveaways and free shipping deals you wouldn’t wanna miss out on!

I’m not even gonna lie here, I might be pulling for some contestants that are not on Adam’s team. (Though I did love Caroline and was sad to see her go – she better get a record deal with someone else!) But oh, wow did I love this weeks performance of The Cure’s “Lovesong” by Adam Levine and his team on The Voice.

This Buzzfeed article “21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents” had me LOLing at the office. Who doesn’t love kid art? And if you need a laugh you definitely need to skim over this one.

My heart may have been breaking a little last night as we had to say goodbye to The Office but oh my goodness, talk about a great two hours of television. Before they aired the finale there was this awesome interview session and montage collection called The Office Retrospective. If you missed last night, and even if you haven’t been up to date in the current season (or since Michael Scott left) I recommend you watch it anyway. From the get go, (which this is how it works for this show with me anyway) I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Later there were tears rolling down. Some from that uncontrollable hyena laughter and from some the tugging on my heart strings. The dynamics on this show have always been incredible. They casted some brilliant actors who portray these characters like they were made to, and the writing is just top notch. Plus, I didn’t know John Krasinski was working as a waiter when he auditioned for the role of Jim Halpert (even though he’d been encouraged to go for Dwight!) that “THE KISS” was his first on-screen, or that Jenna Fischer was a temp in real life. Hello. Fabulous news guy. If that ain’t a ray of sunshine and light sending hope into your dreams, then what is? There are some pretty awesome moments in the finale, and the speeches at the end?! All incredible and quotable, and *sigh.* Just go watch it, ok? Endings may suck, but wow what a great run! And to know that the cast and crew are as close as they appear, in real life? Just wonderful. I love knowing projects like this exist out there, people love work that much out there.

OK, so there’s my shout outs to a portion of the awesomeness of this week. Be sure to check those out! Annnnd as we head into the weekend, have a safe, happy, wonderful one!

Friday Favorite

Okay, okay I’m trying to scale back on the Maroon 5 coverage. Tumblr is awful for obsessive habits, but last weekend since I couldn’t get up and run in the morning and I need a few more minutes to be able to get ready to go to the gym (where you actually have to bring stuff and can’t just hop out the door) I laid in bed for a few minutes. Of course I found myself perusing YouTube and of course I started watching all these Maroon 5 music videos. Wellll, I just wanted to share with you the one for “Daylight.” This will be my Friday Favorite. Look, I’m able to be concise today! Also, who really cares if the radio plays this song like multiple times a day? Not me! Every time I go, “oh! This was just the song I wanted to hear!” haha. So much for “overplay.” Anyway, this is a really great project – kind of in the vein of the “It Gets Better” campaign. It made me smile, it made me feel feelings and get all emotional, but it’s just really cool and totally worth 9 minutes of your time. Yeah, yeah I’m a little behind the times but better late than never:

Throwback Thursday Returns

Hey guys! Bet you didn’t expect to see a few flashback posts from me,  hmm? It’s been awhile and I scrounged up a few I figured I could share:

Sophomore year (I think?) we went to Outback in April to celebrate Buffy’s birthday. How fitting was that coaster? (And the fact that it’s April – FIVE YEARS LATER, now. What?!)

Andrew McMahon playing piano with his feet (like a boss.) This is from the Something Corporate Reunion Tour of 2010 at House of Blues Orlando. In SIXTEEN days I’ll hear that lovely voice once again.

2010 was a good year for concerts. That’s me and Lauren at the (FREE!) Weezer concert at the Civic Center. I GET TO GO VISIT HER IN CHICAGO IN A MONTH!

It shows up dark but I can’t tell you how filled up with light I am in this picture because my heart was probably about to explode. One of the first shots from study abroad in London. I was watching The Exotic Marigold Hotel last night and I got seriously heartsick for London.

Toga social sophomore year? Next week I get to frolic in Tennessee with this girl. Looooong awaited reunion. EEK!

This is from almost this time exactly, last year. (April 6th? which is Saturday haha.) It’s raining right now, but I can’t wait for pool days and sunshine.

Springtime Tallahassee is this weekend, and this photo is from a few years ago (ok more than a few like five.) AND I get to see this pretty girl (my big sister, Hailey) GET MARRIED at the end of May! ahhh

Okay that was a quick one, but obviously a few of these years have a lot in common with the next coming months for me: good concerts, great friends (reunions!), and fun in the sun with my great family! Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Crushes

It’s funny I was just thinking this morning, I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday in a while…I wonder what today’s post will be? Well, it’s right up my alley! Today The Broke and The Bookish give us Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also a Fictional Character. Umm, I don’t even need to be a fictional character to compile this list. In fact, I know I’ve mentioned my love for some fictional characters before. Here, I’ll stick with books to make this a little bit easier, (but still – my list will be hard to narrow.) Also, I’m sure that some of these have been featured on many lists and won’t seem that original but they are pretty crush-worthy right?

(Disclaimer: The order of this list is not based on depth of crush.)

  1. Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Because hello, he is AUGUSTUS WATERS. How do I not fall head over heels for this witty, intelligent, attractive human being? His heart is made of gold, he is fiercely loyal, ambitious, lovable. Gah.
  2. Laurie from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I can’t help it. Even when he makes me angry, it’s still so hard not to love him. Of course, I could see a million reasons why it wouldn’t work but they’re also some of the same things that make him so interesting: the passionate quarreling, the depth of sincerity and kindness, his love for the theatre. He travels, he’s well read, he’s smart and he can make you laugh.
  3. Jacob Grace from God Shaped Hole by Tiffanie Debartolo. He’s kind of this dream guy in the back of my mind. Like an indie soul mate. He’ll be your best friend. He’s got a wild spontaneous streak. He’s intense. Gracious. Intelligent. Deep. He has a wide variety of interests. He is so passionate. He’s mysterious. He loves music. He’s talented. He’s one of those characters that just seems interesting without even trying. The physical description doesn’t hurt either.
  4. Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I have a thing for lifelong crushes. I’m always rooting for them in the stories. You know, the ones that are there from the beginning (like Seth’s crush on Summer since first grade in The OC.) Gil is a classic example of this. He’s like the annoying kid who chases you on the playground and pulls your hair, but give it a few years and he’s the only person you want to sit next to in class, and you try and decode his valentine’s every year. He knows Anne, in and out. He admires her. He pushes her to be better. He loves her through and through for all that she is, not in spite of who she is. Ohh, he’s so swoon worthy it’s not even funny.
  5. Conrad Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy by Jenny Han. (Okay, it’s hard to decide between Conrad and Jeremiah, but it’s always been Conrad…) Conrad is exactly the kind of boy I spent my childhood years crushing on. (At least personality wise. I never had boys at the beach when I was growing up.) He’s so…guarded until you get to know him. He’s got all those walls up, but behind them he is so sensitive. And vulnerable. And he remembers everything too, he’s been seeing everything always even if he’s not talking about it – it’s like it’s all stored up in a catalog. And he’ll talk to your mom. And he’s athletic, and strong, and smart. He’s tan and lean from all those days surfing at the beach. And he’ll fight for what he wants. From the moment I opened the book, I was like oh no. Because when you read about characters like this it’s impossible not to get caught up in their world.
  6. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The boy with the bread. Does this even need an explanation? (Though I will say I can see Gale’s appeal, but his heart made me sad by the end.)
  7. Etienne St.Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Oh my word. I just wanted to give him a hug. If everyone got to go to high school with Etienne, it’d be about a million times better. Not only is he an incredible friend, beautiful, sensitive, in touch with his emotions, a great companion and tour guide – he’s got an accent to boot.
  8. Roger Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. I want to  hold Roger’s hand on the greatest road trip of all time. Belt out all the best songs. Learn new music. Hike through national parks. He’s smart. He’s definitely patient. Infinitely patient. He’s intuitive, but doesn’t let on that he has you figured out right away. He’s kind and charming. He’s funny in the witty way that intelligence yields. He’s in it for the long haul and he doesn’t scary away easy.
  9. Asher from The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder. “Elusive” was used on Good Reads, and I can’t argue with that. Cameron is a totally crushable character anyway because she’s so heartbreakingly honest. But really. I mean, he sticks around in the hardest situation. He’s strong. He’s tough. He’s got a soft side. He’s got that whole “hard to get” thing going on.
  10. I am in agreeance with all the people who say basically any male character Sarah Dessen writes about should be on this list. Like seriously. I don’t even know where to start. They’re all so good.

You know who else I was thinking about? Marcus from the Jessica Darling series (Sloppy Firsts…) He’s on a lot of lists, and why not? Totally swoon-able. He’s musically gifted. He’s stubborn but sweet. Iyiyi, see that’s more than ten, stopping now so this list doesn’t go on and on and on…

Friday Favorites

Ohh hey, everybody! This has been a crazzzy week in my world, like no other. (I’ll catch you up in a re-cap of my Jax adventures in an upcoming post.) But Happy Friday to all, and I’m back with some Friday Favorites!

“But really, even when it seemed like I was doing nothing at all (and when I believed I was doing nothing at all), I was actually hard at work on the real labor of your twenties — figuring out who you actually are.

Guess why this is the most important thing you have to do in your twenties? Because you are you forever!”

Welcome back insightful, right on the money, reading my mind articles Thought Catalog. Nice to see you, again. (This one is pure gold if you haven’t read it yet – check it out!)

The spring finale of Pretty Little Liars aired on Tuesday night. Amidst all the chaos of course I saw it! (And fan girl-ed beyond the hour that it’s televised.) Also, this TVGuide article is a bit spoilerish but verrry intriguing. It feels like they’re letting us in on some secrets!

IMPORTANT NEWS: JOHN MAYER IS BACK IN ACTION! I was able to catch most of the Google+ Hangout last night, and he’s announced a miiiiillion date tour. (Florida, September 2013, here’s lookin’ at you kid!) Plus he played a new song “Dear Marie.” (Can you guess what my favorite line is? Probably obvious: “Remember me, I’m the boy you used to love when we were fifteen.”

Amazon sent me a heads up about Sara Zarr’s upcoming release of The Lucy Variations. Yes sirree!

One of my favorite friend Meg’s upcoming visit countdown is in THE SINGLE DIGITS, now! What?! Yes.

I found out Silver Lining’s Playbook will be released to own on April 30th, heyyy!