Wish Listing

It’s not so much that I’m pining over these items. None of them are necessary. They’re all just frivolous wants, or things that I find to be incredibly cool or unique and wouldn’t mind persay if I was the owner. The list gets more extravagant as you scroll, but I browsed my Pinterest board (Fashion Wants) and picked out some of my favorites. Day dreaming is fun, and also some of this stuff is pretty original!

Book of Deer GLOW IN THE DARK Firefly dress!

A Herschel Supply Company backpack. I don’t know which one yet. I haven’t read good things about the closure on the top one.

JCrew chino shorts in viridian green (I can’t even order them online because they don’t have my size. Maybe a good thing for now, haha.)

This is so not worth $56 to me, but it’s so pretty!

Saw this Elie Saab gown I saw on Pinterest. I mean it is the most extravagent thing (not in design more in budget.) I actually like the simplicity and understated details, and I LOVE green. So I mean, if I need an awards ceremony dress (like to the Oscars when I’m John Mayer’s girlfriend at the Grammy’s next year? Juuuust kidding) this would be a top contender for sure.

Another pinterest lust worthy item. Also outrageous ($495! but it’s Burberry) and not even debatable, but a beautiful dress (at least on the model!)

I still love this dress I found last year on Pinterest but it’s from an Australian site, and it’s not even in stock. But isn’t it splendid?!

Also, is that not one of the most gorgeous swim suits you’ve ever seen? So classic and retro! But one pieces are hard to pull off, plus it was like $275 and I could buy a drawer full for that much. (Hence, *wish* list.)

Other than the backpack or the shorts this is probably the most sensible and practical item on the list. North Face (Real Simple article) makes this sweet sports bra with a little pouch pocket up front for storage! My favorite Nike capris (that I scored for like $11 at the outlet!) have a zipper pocket on the back that’s really functional, but when I’m wearing shorts my key doesn’t fit in that baby pocket very well. And sometimes you have multiple items and no buddy or someone at the finish line – problem solved!


Throwback Thursday: Week Nine

Like I said over on MegSays I think I’m suffering a little from Olympic withdrawals, so I apologize for my lack of posts. There’s not much too interesting for me to report on lately, but it is Thursday so in that case I’ll share with you guys some more throwback photos!

Okay, so I was browsing my Facebook albums and it seems that for whatever reason people picking me up in photos seemed to be a trend over the years. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, since piggy back rides are in my top ten favorite things in the world!)

This is my friend Kaela and I at my 13th birthday party. I was about to say if only you could see the whole outfit, but just you wait…

Those were my affectionately labeled at school, “space pants.” And that shirt was one of those ridiculous ones with “angel” written in silver glitter cursive across the front. Seems crazy now, but I was SO excited about that outfit at the time. (*Note the crimped hair, as well.*)

This is from Sarah and Ashley’s joint birthday party our freshman year.

I had this one hanging in my room forever, from the same night.

This is from one of Beth and I’s many walks around Seven Lakes. I think 10th grade maybe? Oh, the days…

I can’t rotate this right now, but this is Grayson and I (best name ever right?! fall semester of freshman year at FSU. A stop in our Phi Retreat road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Oh man, one of the best piggy back rides of my life – with Lizzi bug sophomore year at Dance Marathon.

Little and I at the holiday party junior year.

This is from Leah’s 21st Birthday waltz, February of junior year.

The Fab Four. Travis, Leah, Larry and I at Westcott Fountain Senior Year.

There’s one other photo that comes clearly to mind when I see this, and if I find it later I’ll be sure to include it here. Ohh man, Throwback Thursdays make me a little nostalgic – crazy days!

Throwback Thursday Number Five

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been a little text-heavy on the posts lately, but hey it’s time for Throwback Thursday again! For your viewing pleasure: a peak into the Life of Mugs scrapbook. Today is basically an ode to fourth grade, which I didn’t realize at first but I’ve got quite a few photos from that year scanned, so why not? Here’s a dose of some extreme nineties style and awkward nine and ten-year old phases we all have.

In fourth grade my awesome teacher Mr.Hebert won Teacher of the Year for the state of Florida, (which was well deserved because he was seriously the coolest.) There was a big ceremony in Orlando and a few of us from class went (see below):

That’s one of those great candid ones that’s so awkward it’s good.

The happiness in this photo kind of just blows my mind. Could we be cheesin’ any wider?

But another tid bit about this event: Lauren Hutton was Burdines spokeswoman. If only my fourth grade self had been more aware of her awesomeness. Also, I like to play this as the few degrees of separation I have from the Olsen twins.

Josh and Matt with Frank Brogan.

Her expression is priceless.

Marine science station field trip. Awkward to the max for me. Who knows what I captured on that disposable camera.

Notice a trend of who I’m always standing next to in these, haha. On the playground.

I think this is in the cafeteria at a play practice. We did some musicals (including songs like “Lean On Me” and “Coming to America.)

Sweet style right? This was a cool activity we did to practice for Florida Writes. We carved a pumpkin together on the playground, and then wrote about the step-by-step process.

Arnold, Cellin, Justin in class.

A presentation we went to where we each gave informative speeches about future occupations.

Candid from the same event.

Yeah, like I said coolest teacher ever.

This was on a field trip, and we played on the playground in Crystal River at some point.

How adorable right?! When Tampa Bay were still the Devil Rays.

umm, yeah.

Ice cream party!

It was a very hands-on learning class. These are from an activity where we blew out eggs.

So yeah, basically one of the most fun years in school hands down. When I originally scanned and posted these photos to Facebook a few summers ago, many of the people in the pics commented on what great memories, the incredible amount we learned, and how awesome of a teacher Mr.Hebert was. If any of us end up as teachers, hopefully we’re half as cool as him.

Throwback Thursday: Fourth Edition

It’s already that time again! Doing these little throwback Thursday posts makes me realize how quickly the weeks seem to go by. Of course, the weekends always feel like they fly but these week days seem to have disappeared fast too. If this is the first time you’ve stumbled across one of my Throwback Thursday posts, they’re just a time I like to include some old photos from the past several years, usually featuring family and friends and occasionally some baby photos or an appearance of my awkward bangs stages. My parents are in the process of packing up my “childhood” home, so I’m sure at some point there will be a massive scanning session of old photos again which just means more material for these posts!

Now to what I’ve rounded up for you this week:

The classic Olan Mills sibling shot. Oh my.

If you’re curious, my brother operated at that high energy level the majority of our childhood. Hahahaha.(That’s at Universal, btw.)

Once upon a time I was domestic, y’all. I’m bringing it back…

Look at that – I could butter bread AND do the dishes 😉

This is why first grade was awesome. We had a PAJAMA PARTY at school! It was basically the coolest thing, ever.

Check it out – this included choreographed dances!

I know, so similar but the facial expressions are cracking me up.

Remember how I mentioned how he let us bury him in sand? Yeah, here ya go: Daytona beach. The 90s.

I don’t even remember how or why this photo got taken? I probably wanted my Safety Patrol post documented because I’m a super nerd like that. Looking at this I’m wondering to myself who the heck would listen to me about anything? Mostly I enjoyed that this was a prime people watching spot for the bus ramp. (5th grade.)

If you’re ever curious what I would look like with red hair – here’s your image. My BFFL JD (that I mention on the regular it seems, in this blog) and I circa tenth grade? at Theresa’s house. Definitely enjoyed a good phone chat with this one just last night, funny how some things don’t change…

Until next week…have a fabulous Thursday everyone! And if you’re curious I’ll probably end up posting a little Throwback Thursday song over on MegSays later.

Throwback Thursday Second Edition

When it’s been a handful of days since the sunshine has made an appearance the days just seem to kind of bleed into one another, but somehow someway Thursday has arrived again! Doesn’t it seem like I just did a “throwback Thursday” post? Yeah, I thought so too! Well, if you’re up for another round of a glimpse into the family album of awkward goofy moments – you’re in luck!

One of my absolute favorite photos of my parents! (Now you know where I get my wild hair from!)

Another all time fave. This is the day my brother Ethan came home from the hospital! He was five weeks old, and weighed five pounds. Mom says I “read” to him all afternoon.

Love this one of Ethan carving pumpkins at Halloween. (Who let me hold a knife, right? haha)

Perhaps that’s the finished project?

The Roller Barn was like everyone’s “spot” for birthday parties. Flat squares of pizza, those embroidered lanyards at the shop counter. The races! The chicken dance in the middle of the floor. By middle school there were “couple skates” you know the jazz with the lights turned down low and some weird slow R&B song playing? This is a classic shot with my crazy eyes, and basically summarizing my years at the Barn. Carpet skater for life. (Also note if I kept that shirt I could wear it today and no one would know the twenty year difference.)

Another classic childhood shot from Mexico Beach. On the left is my younger cousin Levi, me, then my brother Ethan, and on the right my dad. Note the clasped hands making a “one.” We were learning how “to be one with the waves,” which was our mantra for the week of body surfing.

This one’s all pixelated and weird (my dad actually has a more normal version of this one at my parent’s house,) but it gives you an idea of my signature style Bo Derek braids I had for a while courtesy of my mom’s awesome skills. I think I was in 8th grade in this pic, so about thirteen making Ethan nine or ten.

Christmas card photo circa middle school (6th grade?) featuring our Great Dane mix Nitro (named by E during his wrestling mania phase.)

Katie’s birthday (7th grade?) she’s the one holding the yellow balloon. Ohh man, this was a fun group!

If you’re still enjoying these photo flashbacks, tune in next week for another Throwback Thursday post!

Throwback Thursday

In the everpresent vein of nostalgia that exists in my thought world, I thought I’d indulge in the practice all my Instagram friends seem to partake in on this particular day of the week: Throwback Thursday!

So, let me present to you a few flashback photos from my fading youth 😉

Weird how life comes full circle right? Picnics at the park during old Tally days with my dad…(we just had a picnic at the park here a few weeks back…)

Check out that sweet outfit my mom made!

That’s my mom and Nanny! At my grandparents house back in the day, super old school. Love it! 🙂

Springtime Tallahassee parade with the cousins, 1994!

Aww look how precious my little bro is…(that’s a lovebug by the way!) Also, I was kinda bossy if you can’t tell…

Art Smart where we actually ran a little art store for a week in the local mall in 5th grade. I was a cashier…

Okay, so while I look like I’m making a sour face here – Camp Harmony is one of my favorite middle school memories! And what would camp be without major hair braiding sessions?

Contrary to popular opinion, I was actually a gigantic fan of middle school. I don’t mean this in the retrospective way, like oh I realized those were some fun times several years down the road later. No, I actually enjoyed it while I was in the middle of it. I didn’t want 8th grade to be over…(BTW this is from my 13th birthday in 7th grade.)

We were so excited for Kir to come back from Australia! This was her showing us all the pics from her trip. I think we ate TimTams and I don’t know why I’m wearing that beret?But that “I ❤ E.T.” shirt was a sweet gift from JD.

Okay so those were super random, but this won’t be my last Throwback Thursday post – if these were amusing to you at all, keep an eye out for one in the future. I went through a major scanning old photos process, the summer after graduation when I had plenty of time (and it took forever before my parents got this sweet super fast machine!) so I have plenty more I can share, haha.

Liebster Award Dos

I know, I have failed to deliver the NYC pics so far but they are coming, no worries I haven’t forgotten. In other news, it seems the Liebster Award strikes again. My friend and sorority sister Jacki over at Wine Down has nominated me, along with some other cool Phi Mu blogs you should check out! This one has a little bit of a spin on it, where you also include five random facts about yourself, so I figured – why not?

In case you missed the other post, the Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers with 200 or less followers. Here is how it works:

1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the award to, must have 200 or less followers.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. List the blogs you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
5. Share five random facts about yourself.

Like I said, I’m still a little unclear on how to know the number of followers a blog has so I’ll just share some more I’ve been swooning over lately:

  • A Detailed House This blogger recently had a post on “Adorable Ideas for Kid’s Rooms” and since I’m basically a child at heart still, I fell in love with all the decorating ideas. I really want to live in that armoir cabinet set-up. Seriously. Anyways, this blog has tons of cool photos and ideas for utilizing space and sprucing up rooms of the house. I recommend taking a gander if that peaks your curiosity in the slightest because it’s awesome. Plus, the simple settings of the bedrooms really kicked my butt into room cleaning mode. I can’t handle the clutter and I’m determined to make it more basic and tidy!
  • All The Books I Can Read is yet another book lover blog I follow. One of my favorite things about her blog is that she has “Top Ten Tuesday” posts! I love lists, and while I have an impossible time trying to narrow things down, she always posts concise lists with cool topics (like Top Ten Book Quotes, today.) The list meme is actually hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, come to find out, so there’s another cool blog to explore.
  • Be Lighter is a fun little style blog. I love the spurts of celeb’s street style posts that are short and sweet.
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction So seriously? I’m sure she has more than 200 followers because who could resist her mouth-watering pretty entries? Sally probably thinks I’m crazy because I’m always leaving comments about how I have to try what she’s baking and how delicious everything looks but it’s the truth. The pictures are pretty, the recipes are sweet. (I love anything that mentions cake batter or funfetti, and there’s a lot of that! So if that sounds up you’re ally don’t miss her blog!)

Now onto five random facts about me, which let me say this reminds me of playing the “fun facts” game back during our pre-recruitment weeks at Florida State.

  1. I won a gold medal in a hula hooping contest when I was twelve.
  2. I dyed my hair red (really red) sophomore year of high school. It didn’t strike me until later that this was kind of an Angela Chase move.
  3. My friend and I were sitting in the backseat of a car that got put on a tow truck, one time.
  4. Twitter might be the coolest/worst thing to happen to the YA Fiction loving part of me.  Now I can tweet and get instantaneous responses from my favorite authors I used to send spastic fan-mail e-mails.
  5. I started journaling in first grade, and have kept it up (even if sometimes the entries are sporadic,) ever since.

So, there you go. I know this is a bit repetitive (at least there was a twist this time,) but I had to reciprocate because it was flattering for Jacki to include me in her nominations. If you feel like sharing any random facts about yourself in the comments, go for it! I love hearing those 🙂 and definitely check out these blogs!