Throwback: The Weekend my Peter Pan Heart Turned a Year Older

I’ve been slacking on the updates, I know so I thought I’d do a little throwback to my birthday weekend. For the first time in a long, long time my birthday didn’t fall on the same weekend as Thanksgiving so I decided to make the most of it and roadtrip to Athens! The Cherry Blow Dry bar in Tallahassee was having a grand opening special, so that Friday I decided to get my first blow out. OhMyGoodness all the people who rave about them on Twitter aren’t lying. It’s fabulous to feel like…put together for a snippet of time.

The drive to Georgia that afternoon was just what I needed. There’s something healing about those country roads, even if you’re not broken.

When I arrived, Kaylynn and went to get dinner at Taco Stand. It’s this little mexican restaurant that’s super random, but really delicious. And it worked well for our pre-going out meal the last time I’d been in town. (Under much better circumstances this time, not in a state of turmoil over pending transitions in my life – though there were still plenty of transitions to come.) Afterwards we went next door and hung out with her neighbor Brady and his younger brother Drew. We jammed out to some Billy Joel (I’m not even kidding – how reminiscent of sophomore year of college is that?!) and some country music while we played Cards Against Humanity (my first time!) Later on we went downtown, which just turned into an epic evening, even if it started raining on us. We bar hopped, we celebrated one of their friends finding out he was having a baby, and of course birthday celebrating ensued. We rode UGA’s version of Night Nole, and there was a group celebrating a guy’s birthday and the bus broke out in song and also football chants. I love spirit like that. We laughed, and drank, and ran around town talking and dancing. It was one of those nights where we stayed up til 5am. When we got home there was a random kid’s debit card with us? Who the heck knows. The next morning started off kind of rough when I poured Kaylynn’s chemical solution in my eye and freaked out I might go blind. But it’s nothing a little Bojangle’s breakfast couldn’t remedy. We took the dogs out to play in the parking lot, and the poor neighbor’s dog accidentally knocked it’s tooth out on the curb! See what I mean about the types of ridiculousness that automatically ensue?  Later on we tailgated, and made delicious mixed coffee drinks and mingled and played corn hole. Then we borrowed the neighbor’s student ID, and I went to my first UGA football game. That was a totally fun experience. Then we went downtown and stayed up late into the night again.

It was a weekend that was full of my favorite things. I love meeting new people, but feeling instantly connected – like you’ve known each other forever. I love walking in groups on city sidewalks, and I love laughing til my stomach hurts. I love great conversation, the kind where you can say “oh my gosh! You too?!” rambling on about vinyl, film, running, and all aspects of life. These are the kind of times that make me feel totally alive. It’s the most simple, purest way to inject love into life. It was one of the most fun birthdays I’ve ever had.

This was my hair post blow-out. Thanks, Cherry Dry Bar!


Love those Georgia roads.


Classic: The Taco Stand.


The Blue Moon sampler pack my dad gave me!


Story of our lives. (Big/Little pic.)


This is Drew! Pretty sure I took this when we went back to Sand Bar after we temporarily lost the group. (Brady went to get pizza by himself!)


It was a Snapchat filled weekend.




Beautiful fall foilage.


Perfection: getting to hangout with my little AND my grandlittle in the same day. Happy heart.



Family line photo.


Bob – love this kid!


Kay got me a cookie cake!


Tailgate randomness with the dogs.


Brady and I at the game.


Me, Kay, and Drew at the game.



Another Snapchat.


Group photo!



Snapchat snapchat snapchat.


Kaylynn showed me the magic of a curling wand.


And to close it out, the gorgeous sunset on my drive back to Florida.

It turns out, this year my birthday happens to be the week before Thanksgiving once again! We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into then, but this was a fabulous start to kick off 26!


Orlando Weekend Fun (Part Uno!)

(I don’t know what WordPress’s problem is, but it screwed up this post twice and deleted most of my photos and captions so I’m getting burnt out and the descriptions probably aren’t as great this time around.)
Ahh! I can’t believe I hadn’t shared any photos from my Orlando weekend extravaganza with you all, yet! As you know, my Orlando weekends are up there in my top favorites of anything. Not just because there’s so much activity, downtown is one of my dearest spots of Florida, and I always have a ton of fun but also because some of greatest hearts I know reside in this great little city. I always leave wishing I had a machine that could freeze my weekend and make each minute last a little longer. I’m going to try and be mindful, and remember that every body who reads this blog doesn’t necessarily want to see every single photo I took to document the weekend, (or else we’d be Facebook friends, or maybe Instagram (cupcakesandfireworks) ?) so I’ll try and keep it on the shorter side.
Friday night (after the worst drive on the interstate to Orlando ever, including the most ridiculous rain I’d ever driven in,) we went to a get together, celebrating some October birthdays that the boys dubbed “Real Housewives of Apopka,” (which I would say is pretty accurate.) Met some cool people, drank some good beer, heard some great stories (seriously great stories.) Also, met my new hero Chris who was participating in a 100mile bike ride that Sunday, as a training ride for the Iron Man competition. We chatted training for a few minutes, but seriously – so inspiring! Also, a party-goer gave us a mixed CD to jam out to on the ride home. That was pretty awesome too!
20121023-105652.jpgOctober birthday crew in their crowns.




so handsome!

Tony playing bartender (but really!)



Reunited, and it feels so right.
Saturday morning we made some breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee.) Then got ready for the day. Ashley came over, and then we made a pit-stop and headed to Gatti’s place downtown. We hung out for a little bit,(read: started drinking before noon,) took the house tour, watched some ESPN game day, then we embarked upon the pretty little scenic stroll to Lake Eola. JD was sure the parade was at one, we walked around checked out some booths, got a little sweaty then we ran into some people who were like no way it’s at 4 silly! So, we took a little scenic walk back to the house, dropping off one crew member at the barber shop on the way. It worked out because we just chilled in the air conditioning, ate some pizza, watched some football, had some great conversation, recharged and then headed out again. I finally got to go to Stardust (this awesome bar I’ve heard about all these years, and never experienced until then,) where we hung out a little longer, played some pool (I took pictures,) and then picked a spot across the street to watch the parade. It was super fun because we ran into sooo many people we knew. I don’t get to go to Orlando that often, so it’s extra exciting when I can see so many people who make my day in one place! The parade was a blast.

Lake Eola
Snapped this one on our first walk downtown.

Animated conversation obviously, in their matching Chubbies.

A little intermission

New Ohio friends, it was their 5 year wedding anniversary! (They were in town before they set off on a cruise the next morning!)

Ashley’s like a pool shark, and Tony was playing model.

Group shot at Stardust.

Look who we found! Note that Orin does not have a scar from our NYE incident, and he doesn’t hate me. And I hadn’t seen JD’s old roommate Frank since they moved!


They had a good spot to watch the parade and eat their ice cream cones.


Had to document this because everytime I look at it, it cracks me up!




My favorite float!

so cute!


The cool radio station in middle school.

Full of parade swag to take home to their son, since everyone gave Gatti like nine million things.




Ashley and I were backseat buddies on the ride to Publix.

Pretty sky in the parking lot on our Publix run.
After the parade we went back to the boy’s place, ate JD’s awesome pulled chicken sandwiches, and watched some football. Like I said some of these were Ohioans, so we watched the Ohio State game (which they won.) And I wasn’t subjected to our ugly FSU loss, though I did hear and see the painful updates.
The funny thing about the weekend, is that I had just been telling my mom one of my favorite parts of being in Orlando is that I’m around people who have similar thought processes. We get each other, we want some of the same stuff out of life, have similar views on politics and equality rights. I was just saying that the atmosphere makes me so happy even if I’m not having some deep heart to heart. The funny part about it is that it was a great balance of both, I did get to have some deeper conversations, and the entirety of the weekend just filled my heart up with a new zest for life. If it had been waning at all, the battery life just charged right up. (Of course everybody always tries to talk me into moving, and I am so so tempted.)
Be on the lookout for Orlando Weekend Fun Part Dos, which will feature corn maze fun!

Happppy Birthday, Mandy!

Alright, as if you haven’t been able to tell yet I have a bit (understatement) of an obsession with my fabulous sisters, and today we’re celebrating another one’s birthday! One of my sweetest, dearest, favorite friends is turning 25 today! I’m wishing a Happy Happy Birthday to Mandy! If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I’ve been blessed with some pretty awesome roommates over the years (Lizzi in London, Camille in the annex,) but my first sister roommate was Mandy. We moved into the house together our sophomore year, and lived there again our junior year. (Plus, you could just go ahead and consider her Camille and I’s third roommate senior year.) As I’ve mentioned before, I am quite aware I was not the easiest person to live with. I’m kind of messy, can have some pretty intense mood swings, she might have had to listen to “Tracks of my Tears,” “Piano Man,” and “Tiny Dancer” about three thousand times, and never gave me too much of a hard time about my enthusiasm for Kyle XY. Junior year fall was a “little” stressful with my unexpected term serving on exec. and the constant knocks on our door at three olock in the morning to tell me that the kitchen was having electrical problems, they couldn’t get ice out of the machine, or  oops locked out can you call the locksmith? (I’m telling you, when these random requests stop life’s normalcy feels weird for a while.) This girl is amazing though, she’s smart and funny and has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever know! She’s a loyal friend, and she sticks by through thick and thin. We have been through so much together, and I have been so unbelievably blessed by our friendship. (I am super super excited because she’s coming to town in two weeks for homecoming YES!) I have countless memories with this girl. Some of the things that come to the forefront of my mind pretty quickly are our old days in the house, it felt like summer camp all the time. We built blanket forts in our room, and would stay up all hours whispering about endless things from our bunk beds until one of us fell asleep. We watched ridiculous amounts of Nancy Grace and news coverage on bizarre events. We tutored at Grace Mission together, and took our mentees on little outings. We road tripped to the beach and Thomasville. She’s the one who’d call the cops when my phone gets stolen in the middle of the night, or brings me crackers at four am when I’m complaining from the other side of the room that I feel like death from our cinnamon drinks. I think about the excitement of her engagement, or the night she asked me to be her MOH. Screaming through a scary haunted house, the katrillion number of times we got ready for events together – always ready to throw on a crazy costume. What’s crazy to think is that we’ve been friends for about six years now, and the amount of bonding we’ve packed into that time. I’m wishing this special person a very happy birthday and year full of great things to come!

One of our first roomie pics!

Pre-littles for all of us 🙂

Oh you know, we just had Stacia help us make matching lady bug dresses, haha.

Omgsh, such a fun night – Jacki’s Waltz and epic evening at Chubbies. Also the night we jumped in the fountain and I drowned that poor phone.

Winter Formal Sophomore  year!

Spring Break in the Keys sophomore year.

Tiffany and Gary’s wedding!

Jacki’s wedding in St.Augustine

This one was on our door’s bulletin board for a while

Girl’s beach weekend

Pier Park in Panama City

GREEK meet and greet 🙂

Mandy’s 21st purple Princess 🙂

Another favorite…some random biker bar in Oveido, getting invited to birthday parties…

Oh just filling in on phones at the hotel pre-Carly’s wedding

Rachel’s waltzzz

Oh a fave moment…just chatting on the phone at the Inn Between.

Camille’s waltz!

Toga time!

Beth’s Tutu 22 Waltz

Our awesome shirts we borrowed from Eryn, haha

Rockstar social, hence the ridiculous outfits…

Senior year semi-formal

Island exploring adventure on the cruise

Senior year spring break cruise with our new FSU almuni friend at Senor Frogs.

Shelby’s waltz!

We were sad it was our last social!

Senior bar crawl night!

Spring Formal senior year! (Our last one :()

Senior banquet night

Our last night before graduation, hanging out at the Inn Between…

Finally riding the electric golf cart, bucket list check haha

Rehearsal dinner night!

Beautiful bride on her wedding day! (I was honored to be her maid of honor.)

Deb ball fun!

Reunited for a little summer visit!

Hanging out in the back room at Water Works on a fall visit

Girls weekend last spring!

Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on Another Awesome Roomie Birthday

Hello, hello and Happy Thursday to all of you! It would seem that it’s that time again. You got it: Throwback Thursday! This week, I’d like to dedicate the post to another one of my dear sorority sisters, Camille. We lived in the annex together senior year, and then actually again in the fall of 2010 she took me in when I moved back to Tallahassee. I know I am not the easiest person to live with, but she put up with me for a good while. We have shared so many great times together over the years, and been shoulders for each other in the not so great times either. I love to think about different adventures we had (I’d really like to go get milkshakes and watch E! News with her right now,) and the simple times together that happen when you’re comfortable with someone and can just chill doing nothing and still enjoy it. There’s a certain kind of bond that develops when you sleep across the room from someone and whisper late into the dark. Camille is one of the kindest most genuine people I know. She’s fierce and strong and loyal. She just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday on Monday and my oh my, I know I am simply blessed to not only have this girl in my life, but to be able to call her a friend.

Okay, so my eyes are closed but this is probably one of our first photos together.

Recruitment 2007.

Sisterhood retreat Macon, GA 2007.

Winter Formal group photo fall semester 2007.

Tiffany’s bridal shower group photo spring 2008.

Tiffany’s wedding! Probably with some wine on the dance floor.


Lizzi’s Pretty in Pink Waltz!

Rachel’s Mad Hatter Waltz

Camille’s Waltz!

Julie’s Rainboots Waltz! (It was a season for waltzes..)

Junior year Grandslam Tournament!

Jacki and Jared’s Wedding in St.Augustine (summer 2009)

Being tourists during the wedding weekend, at a quat fountain!

First social of Senior Year, Around the World.

Hannah’s Hannah Montanna waltz!

Winter time Happy Hour with Camille and Casey at Paradigm.

Light the Night Walk Senior Year.

Spring Break 2012 – cruise fun

On the island

Senor Frogs

Staying up for Shelby to turn 21, we got a little sleepy

slotsssss, cruise casino

Sisterhood bonding at the roller rink

Senior year formal

Senior pub crawl

Mandy’s Bachelorette Party at Stetson’s

After the reception at Mandy and John’s wedding (we’ve been to a lot of weddings together too, obviously. Weddings and Waltzes…)

Reunited back in Tally!

Camille’s 23rd Birthday!

Clemson game 2010.

Tailgating at Kappa Sig.

Boat time last summer, so good to be reunited. It needs to happen again soon!

Throwback Thursday: A Few Sibling Shots

Today doesn’t really have a theme, but I was looking over some old photos and found a few cute ones of mini-me and my little brother.

Like this:

They kind of mirror each other a little.

I just noticed the little wooden rocking horses in both of these photos.

This is before my first day of preschool at East Hill Baptist in Tallahassee. When my parents were packing up to move my mom found that lunchbox in the garage, and I have it right now!

Look how adorable E was!

My dad and brother in our cousin’s yard at their old house in Tallahassee.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Bobby Bowden (really it’s an old fan day.)

Feathered bangs and matching outfits. (Old Christmas photo) This one makes me laugh because it reminds me of the expression he was making in that photo last week:

Probably a long-term trend.

Another old FSU game shot.

Same fence, same face. (2005 maybe?)

Meteor shower watch party with Nitro.

Candid Thanksgiving shot with Duke a few years ago.

Yeah, I’ve got a pretty awesome brother – always coming to my rescue! (Like just yesterday dropping by work and bringing me emergency deodorant!)

Another Seminole Saturday: FSU vs. Clemson

Last weekend was the highly anticipated FSU vs. Clemson game. Kick off wasn’t until 8pm, so it made for quite a long (but fun day.) I started my own day off with a run, a few errands (ok does a treck to the mall where I only bought a belt really count as an errand?,) and hanging around getting ready for the day. My parents swung by and picked me up on their way into town, (which I so appreciate because it means I don’t have to deal with the chaos of parking and post-game traffic mess on my own.) The day kicked off with an accidental spill of some (delicious) Shocktop Pumpkin Ale (I haven’t seen it in the stores yet, but ohmygosh try it if you find it!) so that added some extra wandering around to clean up my mess of a self. Of course, I ran into Shelby’s sister Madison on my walk to the Garnet and Gold shop. Then we all kind of re-started the day. It was a fun afternoon, of Houston Deese playing all day at the tailgate (they’re a great band, check them out!) And mingling with friends and eating BBQ. Larry even walked over for a few minutes on his break. Unfortunately the awaited reunion with Lizzi and Drew didn’t happen last weekend, but at least they’ll be back in town for the homecoming game at the end of October! It’s funny because night games are always a mind trick, you think to yourself, ohh no rush in meeting up we have all day but then all day makes you pretty sleepy and when we’re all thinking that it makes time kind of disappear and then bam! it’s time to start the walk to the stadium. Either way it was a good time.



Outfit number one of the day.

e look

Obviously, he loves me.

e face

His faces crack me up.

larry clemson

Larry stopping by on his break.

e reg

hd close

unconquered sunset


(My phone died shortly after the game started, hence why I have no photos from inside the stadium.) As for the game, it was an exciting one. Team spirit and excitement was alive and well in Doak Campbell Stadium last Saturday. The final score was a nice 49-37. It felt like old times, of winning seasons from the past with the adrenaline that was flowing. We’ll see what happens the rest of the season! It’s an away game this weekend, the Noles will play USF down in Tampa and I’m taking the chance to get out of town and head down to the beach for a few days. It’s nice to get a break now and then. I’m sure I’ll fill you in on those adventures later. (I’m looking forward to some scenic runs, and hopefully getting a good kayaking round in.) Have a lovely weekend everyone and Go Noles!

Throwback Thursday

Happppy Throwback Thursday everyone! Sorry for my failure to post last week. Work was a little busy, but alas here I am again (slow morning, with plenty of time haha.) Today’s a little combo post of what’s primarily been on my mind lately – fall and football. Fall = pumpkin and Halloween related things, and of course football = FSU! So, here you go with a few randoms thrown in!

Flipping through my old albums on Facebook, I stumbled across this photo from the FSU vs. UF game in highschool. Katie, Kaela, and I in front of the Unconquered statue.

And because it seems to be a trend of throwbacks at the Unconquered statue, here’s me on my “College Day” tour of FSU senior year of high school.

And Beth, E and I the following weekend.

And Beth and I tailgating together. (Spot look familiar? Yeah, it’s the same one seven years later, haha.)

And it makes me smile because then there’s this one too with Katie and Kaela, from an AIM Day celebration party.

I was thinking about this pic of my dad and I when we were at the Clemson/FSU game last weekend so I thought I’d throw it in. It’s in one of my high school yearbooks on the “weekend activities” pages, haha.

And here’s another pumpkin patch photo because I just love these.

My mom is obviously the best costume maker ever. I’m Jasmine, can’t you tell?

A few years later…a pirate and a kiss.

I have to throw this one in because who goes trick or treating in high school? Oh yeah, us. And we wore these outfits to school that day…(granted it was homecoming week.)

Since you’re never too old for pumpkin patches this is Shelby and I (at the same one) my senior year in college.

With our pumpkins post decorating – Mandy, me, Shelbs.