Throwback Thursday: Lifelong Friends

This weekend, I’m hitting the road again. Larry and I are headed to Destin to see one of my oldest, dearest friends get married to his sweet fiance! I’ve been friends with Brad, Kyle, and Charlie since kindergarten. That’s twenty years of life right there. We coined ourselves the Pirates back in highschool, and they were my great adventure partners. We’d explore in the dried up lakes, go canoeing when there was enough water, roam the country club on nighttime golfcart rides (oh! the year I was on the golf team haha,) hit up Huddle House at odd hours of the night, they’d watch Degrassi with me since Charlie was the only one of us with that channel. Late night swims where they might’ve practiced scuba diving, or jumping off far too high awnings, climb trees (though I might’ve needed assistance getting down,) go to basketball games together, hit up Ocala just for Moe’s (small town kid life, alright?), sometimes head to the beach just for a day. Getting our liscenses definitely broadened our adventure scales – oh the places we could explore! Sometimes, that just meant finding an icecream shop that was open, and jamming out in the car with the windows down. Even being able to drive though, I can’t tell you how many countless nights we ended up just hanging out in the kitchen at Charlie’s house talking about life, looking up music, watching random videos on the internet. Aren’t the times you spend doing absolutely nothing, some of the best though? Of course, our ideas didn’t always align. (Very conservative versus my liberal self, and the lone Seminole in a room full of Gators – this led to a heated argument or two, and maybe some fierce pingpong matches.) They’d be just as down for a game of Guess Who or throwing darts, as they were to go hangout at this smokey dive bar in our hometown and throwaway money on the Jukebox, down Irish Car Bombs, or sing kareoke. As Maroon 5 would tell you, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, we’ve known each other long enough to hit some rough patches of life too – the hard stuff memorial services, family life changes, all kinds of stuff. Love these boys through thick and thin, and it’s been nice to know someone has your back. I’m so excited to see them all so happy about life, and so excited to celebrate with them this new chapter in Brad & Katie’s life! So! Today I’ve got a little photo spam of some highlights over the years. These boys are always down for making crazy faces with my ridiculous amounts of photo taking, so I’ve got some randoms:


Fifteen Again.

The rain is really coming down right now. So much for my late night run, I’ll just save the energy for the morning, though I’m sure the downpour will still be happening. Funny though, I just got back from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was playing at the Student Life Cinema on campus, and Jamie was going so I figured why not? Of course the movie gave me about nintey million feelings, and there were so many things I wanted to tweet but I think it might be too much, so instead I’m here and you get an unusual late night post from me.

First of all, I shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest that the night commenced in rain soaked Converse. Apparently this is the week for the fifteen year old self in my heart to thrive, and that shoe choice in this weather makes the most sense. It seems I’ve got a thousand memories from a decade ago of my life swirling through my head right now.

The moment when Ezra Miller is standing on the front porch as everyone departs from the Christmas party? He screams out I love you while his friends walk to their cars? Each time this scene reminds me of every high school Drama party I ever left. They always said I love you and to drive safe. Each time I would leave, regardless of what other angst was charging through my heart, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world, safe and comforted by the warmth of friendship. It was like a human security blanket being tossed over your shoulders. I always felt like, wow – these are my people. They care. (This memory always makes me think of the Jimmy Eat World song that goes “I fall asleep with my friends around me. The only place, I feel safe. I’m gonna call this home.”)

The last time I saw this movie in the theatre there were less than five others. I cried almost the whole time. I felt impossibly connected. It was like, hypnosis therapy and I was reliving events before my eyes. Except I was awake. And this was a fictional world. I left that theatre, albeit extremely happy about the movie – I thought I might explode with the insatiable desire to communicate face-to-face with another human being about all of it. This time was so different. Any movie at the SLC is interactive, and this was the same. The awws, the howls, the gasps, the applause – it changed the tone of things. Though, I didn’t sob this time, but I could still feel my eyes tear up.

And I still couldn’t help but feel each part of my life it makes me draw connections from.

As for the old 15 year old in my heart thing? This week, I listened to Something Corporate’s “Hurricane” in my room, thinking about life. Today I purchased a ticket to see The Postal Service. I watched Perks. Just typing this blog entry is characteristic of my fifteen year old self. Maybe typed out they don’t seem like much, but mentally the parallels feel enormous. I can’t help but think of monumental crushes. First real kisses. Mixed tapes. Endless numbers of days with friends. What it used to mean to hang out. Listening to music. Eating pizza. Doing absolutely nothing. Staring at the ceiling, talking about things felt tragically deep.

Some of it’s here, but it’s not all here because I’m not going to type all night. And I want to finish reading Ask the Passengers, and this rain will probably lull me to sleep soon.

Throwback Thursday: End of HS Oldies

I know I’ve been slacking in my blog posting lately, but I caught up on sleep last night (nine hours!) following busy nights at the fair, and watching election results so now I’m not such a zombie. Like I said, I’m back with a normal post, and it’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’ve just got a few I stumbled across from an old Facebook album taken during the last week of my senior year of high school. As per usual, these are pretty random but I like that you can catch glimpses of the school settings in most of them.

With Beth and Becca in photo. (That outfit coordination was just a coincidence!)
jenn, laura, me, beth, and amber in photo on the last day of school. oh to go back and develop my own photos in the darkroom again…
jen, john, shanna, heather, me, charlie at lunch.
Emily and I in the morning.
james, me, jared on the bus ramp.
One of my favorite teachers, Mr.Delucia!
Big group shot of some of us, in the “senior spot” after the last bell had rung on our last day of high school, ever. (C/O ’06.)

Throwback Thursday: Some School Days Photos

Hello, hello! Hope everyone had a good Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Actually, when I was brushing my teeth this morning, I couldn’t remember what day it was and had to ask my roommate. The temperatures have been unusually cooler lately, and I was having trouble dragging myself out of my warm cozy bed this morning. (A morning run didn’t happen, so it’ll be awaiting me after work.) Somehow it’s already Throwback Thursday again. If you’re bored with photos, go check out my Throwback song of the day on Meg Says. If you’re not, read on! I’m running a little low on super-throwback photos, so I’ve just got a couple random ones for y’all from old school days today. Maybe the next time I’m at my parent’s place I’ll be able to scan some more! (Isn’t it crazy to think about the majority of these being taken with a disposable camera?)

eager beaver pre-school field day, water balloon toss.

Mrs.Klein’s Kindergarten class photo at Inverness Primary School (circa 93-94.) That’s me second from the left front row in a sweet Lion King shirt 😉
Arts and crafts time – first grade, being reindeer.
Camp Harmony in middle school. (yeah, that’s me at the front – told you i wasn’t lying about bang disasters.) Too bad work life doesn’t work like that, where you get sent off to camp during the week and go do rope courses and team building/leadership activities, play four square, make stuff, and have giant movie nights and hang out on porches braiding hair.
8th grade dance with stesha and leslie. my eyes being half closed in photos is a common occurrence.
random shot from driver’s ed, those were some fun days.
hanging out with jed at the bowling alley for jen’s birthday in tenth grade.
Carnival arrest playing a set at a battle of the bands.

Happy Birthday, Friend!

It is definitely a season of birthdays. Yesterday marked one of my oldest friend’s 25th. Charlie and I met at Sunday School of First Baptist Church when we were just in pre-school. We grew up together and eventually we moved to a neighborhood down the street. Somewhere along the way a core group of four of us who’d been friends since kindergarten coined ourselves as the pirate club, and it stuck. Too many days to count were spent hanging out at his house, exploring in the backyard, going on canoeing adventures, night time golf cart rides, climbing trees – all the good stuff. We’d play ping-pong (well, the guys liked to play death pong and I would just photograph those moments, ha.) We’d head over to Ocala to wander around, eat at Moe’s and hang out doing nothing. We watched a katrillion basketball games together. Night swims til we were all shriveled up, or the guys would practice with their scuba gear which was always a laugh. He let me watch Degrassi on his big screen TV and would sometimes pretend to be interested to humor me. There are plenty of things we don’t see eye to eye on – everything from politics to our favorite college football teams, which allowed room for plenty of heated “discussions,” – still our friendship thrived nonetheless. This guy was always on the ready for a spontaneous adventure, no matter the day or time. And a lot of times I got to select the soundtrack for these outings. The memories aren’t full of just good times, but the harder moments of life that you don’t see coming either.  Those are some of the standout memories I have, the rough days when we’re reminded just how short life really is. The deep conversations about life, and growing up, the future. After several years of being spread out over states during college, and some of post-college life, the entire pirate crew is back in Florida again. Charlie lives in Tampa with his wife now, so it’s nice that we’re all in the same state again even if we’re overdue for a reunion. Here’s to the start of a wonderful year for a wonderful friend!

And for fun, here are a few photos from over the years!
Twenty years ago, the first day of kindergarten!
Playground fun in high school.
A kindergarten reunion at a bonfire, with Paul!

Pirates for life! (summer before going away to college.)
Pirates reunited in North Carolina at Charlie and Mia’s engagement party!
Giving us a campus tour of Wake Forrest (senior year.)

Throwback Thursday: Just a few randoms today!

Good morning everyone, I hope this Thursday is treating you all well! This week seems to have flown by already. I love after-work activities that help to move it a long (community group on Monday night, the debate on Tuesday,) but the work week has been interesting too. They’re doing construction on the road in front of our building to bury the power lines, and it’s pretty much a disaster. There’s a huge ditch and all the roads are re-routed and partially shut down so it just makes for a lot of chaos but also something for me to watch out the window. Like yesterday they broke a water pipe, so the fire hydrant was spewing a huge moat, and they were simultaneously pumping out water but spraying it like a high power waterfall onto the roof of the development next door. Seriously it’s always something around here…(like getting trapped in the supply closet yesterday, the door slamming on my arm, and the air filter falling out and crashing into me. I tell you…something else!) I’ve had some extremely photo heavy posts lately (Happy Birthday Mandy, Camille’s Birthday Reflection, and a Phi Mu sister love post to name a few,) so I figured I’d keep it a little lighter today.

I really dislike baby photos of myself, but my mom is awesome and my blog needs some mom love!

This one’s not so bad, plus this was my favorite toy.

Not even kidding, this was probably the last successful time I had bangs.

This was taken in elementary school after Pat had moved back to New York, but came to Florida for a visit. We were super pumped for a reunion.

A good high school throwback from homecoming week. Rich and Phil in their 80s get-ups.

My awesome photo group senior year.

So there ya go! Enjoy the awkwardness haha. I’ll share some more next week! And make today great everyone 🙂

Throwback Thursday

Happppy Throwback Thursday everyone! Sorry for my failure to post last week. Work was a little busy, but alas here I am again (slow morning, with plenty of time haha.) Today’s a little combo post of what’s primarily been on my mind lately – fall and football. Fall = pumpkin and Halloween related things, and of course football = FSU! So, here you go with a few randoms thrown in!

Flipping through my old albums on Facebook, I stumbled across this photo from the FSU vs. UF game in highschool. Katie, Kaela, and I in front of the Unconquered statue.

And because it seems to be a trend of throwbacks at the Unconquered statue, here’s me on my “College Day” tour of FSU senior year of high school.

And Beth, E and I the following weekend.

And Beth and I tailgating together. (Spot look familiar? Yeah, it’s the same one seven years later, haha.)

And it makes me smile because then there’s this one too with Katie and Kaela, from an AIM Day celebration party.

I was thinking about this pic of my dad and I when we were at the Clemson/FSU game last weekend so I thought I’d throw it in. It’s in one of my high school yearbooks on the “weekend activities” pages, haha.

And here’s another pumpkin patch photo because I just love these.

My mom is obviously the best costume maker ever. I’m Jasmine, can’t you tell?

A few years later…a pirate and a kiss.

I have to throw this one in because who goes trick or treating in high school? Oh yeah, us. And we wore these outfits to school that day…(granted it was homecoming week.)

Since you’re never too old for pumpkin patches this is Shelby and I (at the same one) my senior year in college.

With our pumpkins post decorating – Mandy, me, Shelbs.