Friday Favorites

Just dropping in to share some of my favorites from this past week!

Watched Country Strong with my housemate on Wednesday night. Loved it.

The VMars Kickstarter campaign (because it means THE MOVIE IS COMING!) So, let me just share one of my favorite scenes of all time.

The Shamrock Scurry 5K last Saturday was probably one of my favorite races yet. (I got a new PR!) It was definitely a challenge, that hill in mile 2? Ouch! But awesome. And there was a free pancake breakfast with Bradley’s sausage afterwards, and so I hung out with some of my friends from the Springtime Training group. Also, it was down the street from my house so I could jog there for a warm-up and walked home. That was about the coolest thing ever.

My parents are dog sitting Brody while Larry is on spring break in Cali! We took him for his first trip to the beach. (I drove over to my parents after the race Saturday and my brother went too. We had a great day walking on the beach, eating good food, laughing and enjoying each others company. It was one of those days I wish I could freeze in time.)

This little one is always callin’ shotgun.

I took Monday off of work. A rainy, windy, cloudy day at the beach beats a day anywhere else!

Tonight I am seeing Lisa Loeb perform live for the first time! I’ve wanted to do this since like middle school. And I get to spend the weekend with one of my favorite friends since middle school, Beth. The weather is supposed to be good and we plan on brunching (and hopefully beaching?!) and we’ve signed up for a St.Patty’s Day 5k on Sunday! Looking forward to a fun weekend.


Throwback Thursday: Some School Days Photos

Hello, hello! Hope everyone had a good Halloween! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Actually, when I was brushing my teeth this morning, I couldn’t remember what day it was and had to ask my roommate. The temperatures have been unusually cooler lately, and I was having trouble dragging myself out of my warm cozy bed this morning. (A morning run didn’t happen, so it’ll be awaiting me after work.) Somehow it’s already Throwback Thursday again. If you’re bored with photos, go check out my Throwback song of the day on Meg Says. If you’re not, read on! I’m running a little low on super-throwback photos, so I’ve just got a couple random ones for y’all from old school days today. Maybe the next time I’m at my parent’s place I’ll be able to scan some more! (Isn’t it crazy to think about the majority of these being taken with a disposable camera?)

eager beaver pre-school field day, water balloon toss.

Mrs.Klein’s Kindergarten class photo at Inverness Primary School (circa 93-94.) That’s me second from the left front row in a sweet Lion King shirt 😉
Arts and crafts time – first grade, being reindeer.
Camp Harmony in middle school. (yeah, that’s me at the front – told you i wasn’t lying about bang disasters.) Too bad work life doesn’t work like that, where you get sent off to camp during the week and go do rope courses and team building/leadership activities, play four square, make stuff, and have giant movie nights and hang out on porches braiding hair.
8th grade dance with stesha and leslie. my eyes being half closed in photos is a common occurrence.
random shot from driver’s ed, those were some fun days.
hanging out with jed at the bowling alley for jen’s birthday in tenth grade.
Carnival arrest playing a set at a battle of the bands.

Fill in the Blank Friday: School Themed

Hi friends, and happy Friday to everyone! Is it just me, or are “short weeks” (the work days following a holiday,) simultaneously long and short? I mean, Tuesday I felt like it was a trick to be “skipping” Monday, and then all the days just seemed to have their own sense of chaos. (This could be because part of the ceiling fell down at work, and the AC leaked all over the fax machine, credit card machine, filing boxes, envelopes, paper, etc. and so lines were down and it was kind of chaotic kicking off the week!) But somehow it is here once again, and since it’s been a while I thought I’d take a page from The Little Things We Do and participate in Fill in the Blank Friday again! This one is a little school themed. I don’t have kids in school, (or at all for that matter,) and I’m not in school myself, but I have been a little nostalgic for school lately seeing my younger friends getting back into the mode of fall semester, and the kids in the neighborhood hanging out at bus stops before the crack of dawn on my morning runs.

(Borrowed this adorable image from More Design Please. *NOT MY PHOTO*)

1.  My favorite grade in school was oh jeez, if they’re all going to be like this this entry will be impossible! I was (am) a nerd, and LOVED school so several of my years were favorites. One answer you don’t find very often was how much I adored 8th grade (despite drama, hurt feelings, those first pains of “growing up” etc.) I’ve already mentioned how much I loved 4th grade. You’ve seen how cool my first and third grade classes were! 7th grade, 2nd grade, and 5th grade were particularly rough years. Junior year of high school, though it was Lauren’s answer who I’m filling this out from was not one of my favorite years. (Sophomore year before it was way more awesome – so was sophomore of college!)

2.  My favorite teacher was  ok this is awful too! I LOVED so many of my teachers. I was just reading my high school yearbook from 10th grade, and my english teacher Ms.Able had written the sweetest note, and there were jokes between her and my amazing chemistry teacher Mr.Bingham. My first grade teacher, Mrs.Jaworski taught me how to read, for real (I was faking it in kindergarten) and she is one of my favorite people in the world, still. Mrs.Alegretta and Mr.Hebert were amazing. Two of my teachers in sixth grade who were best friends were incredible. I had really cool teachers in english, history, and science in eighth grade. Mr.Delucia always felt like my grandpa, he had so much knowledge to share PLUS he was sweet and cool, and gave you a hard time even when he really liked you. Coach in 11th was so great because he really cared, he noticed if you were upset and made sure to check on you and that has always stuck with me. In college Mark Zeigler was my hands down most favorite professor in all of the universe. I took every single one of his classes I could. He’s like my favorite human. And Pamela Robinson is just AMAZING too. I don’t think I’ve ever loved another history class as much as I loved taking Race & Ethnicity from her. I’ve just been blessed to have several incredible educators in my life over the years.

3.  The highest level of education I have completed is    a BA in Communication (Media Studies.)
4. School lunches for me were usually homemade. I almost always took a lunch box, (or later on a paper bag so I wouldn’t have to carry it around the rest of the day.) In kindergarten I would get school lunch on pizza day just so I could hopefully get in line next to my crush.
5. The amount of money you’d have to pay me to go back to high school would be  oh my gosh, I don’t know if enough money exists. Sure there were good moments, and I loved yearbook, and friends that I made but oh my gosh high school was a time of incredibly grueling years for me emotionally and I don’t think I’d want to subject myself to any of that again. (Sure there are things I wonder, like what if I’d been running back then and joined the XC team? Or actually participated in a drama production instead of just hanging out with the club all the time. BUT who knows where I’d be now. And I can’t really take present day knowledge back with me right?)
6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are:  when the SCHOOL SUPPLY AISLES APPEAR! People rushing to get the last copies of required reading texts at the end of summer in bookstores. Lunchboxes. “Tax-free weekend” in Florida.

7.  The first day of school was always exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I’d always get butterflies the night before. I’d be so excited with that beginning of the year magic, the possibility that lingers in the air that makes it seem like anything could happen. I was always convinced I’d get lost. I always worried on the inside about who I’d sit with at lunch. Were people going to make fun of me? Was my assigned seating going to be as awful as 8th grade algebra? So many things to wonder and worry about, but also SO much to look forward to. Seeing friends you hadn’t gotten to hang out with over the summer! New books at the library! (UGH I hated summer required reading, so that was one thing that always had me in a bind – those first week of school tests!) Fresh pencils. Fresh notebooks. Exciting journal topics. I almost always developed crushes on guys in my classes I sat near. Seeing your crush from the year before, and anticipating if you’d still get a rush of butterflies. Yeah, I was definitely a fan of the first day of school! Such a whirlwind!

Boy did I ramble about school! There are huge parts of me that miss it, still. This is the third fall semester since I graduated from college, and it still feels weird not returning. Though sometimes when I’m hanging out, (say at my brother’s house, or talking on the phone with my little sister who’s getting her PhD, or my big sister who’s in law school) the stress of school is not appealing. I miss the social aspects (note how many times I mentioned crushes,) and NOT the math classes. I miss the routine, and stability, and the small goals from week to week. I miss going to a classroom and being excited about the lessons, talking about social media, and television and society. I miss extra curriculars, and staying late for sporting events. Passing notes and bus ride partners. Walks to lunch and dark room conversations. TAing and clubs and early morning meetings. It’s so weird to me that for the majority of the beginning of our lives we’re in school and then bam! one day you’re not. I still don’t feel like I really understand how we’re supposed to function and go about regular life in the “real world.” Like I’m waiting for someone to put me on the bus back to class again?
Anyway, enough’s enough – have a FABULOUS weekend everyone! Stay safe and enjoy!

Throwback Thursday: Week Nine

Like I said over on MegSays I think I’m suffering a little from Olympic withdrawals, so I apologize for my lack of posts. There’s not much too interesting for me to report on lately, but it is Thursday so in that case I’ll share with you guys some more throwback photos!

Okay, so I was browsing my Facebook albums and it seems that for whatever reason people picking me up in photos seemed to be a trend over the years. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, since piggy back rides are in my top ten favorite things in the world!)

This is my friend Kaela and I at my 13th birthday party. I was about to say if only you could see the whole outfit, but just you wait…

Those were my affectionately labeled at school, “space pants.” And that shirt was one of those ridiculous ones with “angel” written in silver glitter cursive across the front. Seems crazy now, but I was SO excited about that outfit at the time. (*Note the crimped hair, as well.*)

This is from Sarah and Ashley’s joint birthday party our freshman year.

I had this one hanging in my room forever, from the same night.

This is from one of Beth and I’s many walks around Seven Lakes. I think 10th grade maybe? Oh, the days…

I can’t rotate this right now, but this is Grayson and I (best name ever right?! fall semester of freshman year at FSU. A stop in our Phi Retreat road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Oh man, one of the best piggy back rides of my life – with Lizzi bug sophomore year at Dance Marathon.

Little and I at the holiday party junior year.

This is from Leah’s 21st Birthday waltz, February of junior year.

The Fab Four. Travis, Leah, Larry and I at Westcott Fountain Senior Year.

There’s one other photo that comes clearly to mind when I see this, and if I find it later I’ll be sure to include it here. Ohh man, Throwback Thursdays make me a little nostalgic – crazy days!

Throwback Thursday: Third Edition

I hope everyone had a seriously fantastic fourth of July. I’ll probably do a little festive post tomorrow, but today I’ve got the third edition of Throwback Thursday for you!

Because you can never get enough of kindergartners on the playground. (Note the cool birthday crown!)

My super short stint as a cheerleader at cheer camp with my old friend Jillian. She went on to be a real cheerleader up through high school.

I have to add this because I just can’t get enough of the adorable/hilarious photos we have of Ethan, constantly dressing up when we were little! Like seriously, checkout this get-up. Not only is he a cowboy, but he’s got a horse too.

Third grade was really awesome because every time we learned about a new period in ancient history, we’d have a themed party! This is me with my fantastic teacher, Mrs.Allegretta at our Egyptian party!

This is one of my favorite photos from a fifth grade end of the year sleepover/pool party. I feel like it just screams “summer!”

With our Great Dane mix, (who was really great) Nitro, in sixth grade.

This one just cracks me up since I was thinking about inflatable games after sliding down a blow-up water slide yesterday. This is from an AIM club celebration date in high school. Human jousting!

This one is from photo class my senior year with my friend Becca, taken by our friend/her sister Sarah. I love black and white and this class was one of my favorites in high school!

Well, there you have it for my third installment of Throwback Thursday! Tune in next week for another round of photos from my nostalgia files.


Sorry for the absence of posts recently. I got a little frustrated because I’d typed out some long entries with several links, and all that jazz and then WordPress crashed and I lost the entries, so I just didn’t feel like attempting again for a few days!

Now it’s Tuesday and the third of July. My place of work will be closed tomorrow in observance of the holiday, so it’s kind of like a weekend in the middle of the week! I’m looking forward to staying up late tonight, maybe doing some crafting and not feeling guilty about the time! Then tomorrow I can go for a super early run before I’m drowning in the humidity and maybe some yoga, and I’ll be able to take a nap before I meet up with my brother and some Inverness friends that will be in town! My brother’s fraternity is having a party tomorrow for the 4th with a giant water slide. Casting my age aside I figured it’d be a good way to hang out with them for a bit, and give me something to do. The 4th falling in the middle of the week, makes it kind of impossible for out of town plans!


I’m wearing this scarf today, which just adds some happy in general because it’s so colorful. (Plus, it makes me think of my middle school art class which I’ve been longing for lately. Endless supplies, and no rules? Love.)

This morning I willed myself out of bed to run before work, and though it was dreadfully hot I did see two cardinals playing in the street together, and an owl perched on a street sign! Those were sights to be seen. (Also, can I let you in on a little secret that I’m horribly tempted to just put on Twitter but I am pretty sure it will only solidify my crazy. My motivation this morning as I rounded a dark culdesac for the second time? I literally asked myself, “would Gabby Douglas stop if she got tired? Obviously not! Keep going.” Yeahhh, she’s my new fave. Am I crazy? Do you talk to yourself like this? Are you as freakin’ pumped for the Olympics as I am?!)

My friend Laura sent me a letter in the mail that I received last night. I saved it, and brought it with me to read at work today. It definitely added some cheerfulness to the day! There’s really nothing quite like hand-written snail mail. She’s one of my faves to exchange film, reading, music thoughts with too so that’s always exciting as well.

I’m reading the second most recent Pretty Little Liars novel, Ruthless (note: it was on my TBR list for the summer, so hey! progress!) And I’m just planning crafting ideas in my head. So, even though I’m stuck inside at a desk in an office where the phone is only occasionally ringing, I can’t really complain right?

Hey, it’s Tuesday and I am choosing to be happy. Now, let’s just cross our fingers that there aren’t any creepy phone calls that try to destroy that decision.

In other news, this little cartoon from somecards cracks me up, no matter how many times I read it. This explains my relationship with math, and kind of how my thoughts string together period.

 So, what do you have on the agenda for today, or tomorrow? Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Throwback Thursday Second Edition

When it’s been a handful of days since the sunshine has made an appearance the days just seem to kind of bleed into one another, but somehow someway Thursday has arrived again! Doesn’t it seem like I just did a “throwback Thursday” post? Yeah, I thought so too! Well, if you’re up for another round of a glimpse into the family album of awkward goofy moments – you’re in luck!

One of my absolute favorite photos of my parents! (Now you know where I get my wild hair from!)

Another all time fave. This is the day my brother Ethan came home from the hospital! He was five weeks old, and weighed five pounds. Mom says I “read” to him all afternoon.

Love this one of Ethan carving pumpkins at Halloween. (Who let me hold a knife, right? haha)

Perhaps that’s the finished project?

The Roller Barn was like everyone’s “spot” for birthday parties. Flat squares of pizza, those embroidered lanyards at the shop counter. The races! The chicken dance in the middle of the floor. By middle school there were “couple skates” you know the jazz with the lights turned down low and some weird slow R&B song playing? This is a classic shot with my crazy eyes, and basically summarizing my years at the Barn. Carpet skater for life. (Also note if I kept that shirt I could wear it today and no one would know the twenty year difference.)

Another classic childhood shot from Mexico Beach. On the left is my younger cousin Levi, me, then my brother Ethan, and on the right my dad. Note the clasped hands making a “one.” We were learning how “to be one with the waves,” which was our mantra for the week of body surfing.

This one’s all pixelated and weird (my dad actually has a more normal version of this one at my parent’s house,) but it gives you an idea of my signature style Bo Derek braids I had for a while courtesy of my mom’s awesome skills. I think I was in 8th grade in this pic, so about thirteen making Ethan nine or ten.

Christmas card photo circa middle school (6th grade?) featuring our Great Dane mix Nitro (named by E during his wrestling mania phase.)

Katie’s birthday (7th grade?) she’s the one holding the yellow balloon. Ohh man, this was a fun group!

If you’re still enjoying these photo flashbacks, tune in next week for another Throwback Thursday post!