Let’s Have a Pretty Party

I’m not normally too much of a creep about melting over wedding photos and such on the internet. The only time you’ll finding me looking at rings is when my girlfriends are trying to explain things to me because of how clueless I am. Hey, living in a sorority house made me a little bit better…but I’m still totally in love with everything unconventional and not a million dollars because people wearing stuff that costs so much, on their finger, at places like the grocery store and the gym -scares the crap out of me. ANYWAYS, I do kind of love all the inspirational ideas you can get from wedding shoots, though – from decorations to lighting to even photo pose ideas. ( I won’t lie that I do have a wedding related board on Pinterest.)So, when I stumbled across this article on Who What Wear , I was immediately mesmerized by the first photo.

(Featured on Green Wedding Shoes and Martha Stewart Weddings.)

And in case you didn’t recognize her glowing smile, and chic effortless bohemian style, that is Kate Bosworth. Oh.My.Goodness. The rustic barn behind them, the lights, the grassy area that gives you that feeling of freedom, HER DRESS!, her braided hair. ALL OF IT.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not focused on this for it’s relation to a wedding per-say – but just the sheer genius of style and design skills. (Though, they do both look to be completely enjoying themselves in this photo.)

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve never been quite convinced that I’ll be someone who gets married one day, and I wouldn’t put this in a “dream wedding” category or anything, but what about a party? Say a birthday party, or a…”flower crowns aren’t just for music festivals” party?

The next time someone wants to throw a party for no reason, and you need theme help, call me and let’s do this one…


November Nostalgia – Part Two

The thing is, that night (part one) doesn’t even feel like it was last year, the moments come to me in tidbits of flashbacks here and there. When I’m brushing my teeth, or reaching for a jacket from the closet, but they’re fleeting and none of the moments really stick. What I remember more closely, though it was five years ago now, is the November of the year I turned twenty. It’s what I thought about when I listened to Jack’s Mannequin on my way to work this week.

Three Guinness in and a broken hot-glue gun preventing me from my original plan of arts and crafts, along with Jack’s Mannequin (what else?) Pandora station streaming through the Roku box, leads me here…

It didn’t occur to me until about 3 o’clock this afternoon what it was the anniversary of. Well duh, you could pick plenty of dates from life and say it’s the anniversary of blahblahblah.

Veteran’s Day, sophomore year of college, Phi Tau had an ABC party. (ABC stands for Anything But Clothes.) Larry invited me to go with him. Leah and I were wandering the aisles of Walmart, playing dress up with hunting gear and admiring the oddly early display of Christmas decorations. We were walking to the parking lot when I got the message and didn’t know quite what to do, Leah was like umm obviously you should go this is gonna be the best! And it was. We made matching Transformer’s pillow case dresses. It was November so we wore black leggings. The party was at Chubby’s. Those were are old stomping grounds. It was an incredibly eventful and exciting evening. One of my favorite memories from college. She was right, it was the best. What I remember the most, is all the laughing. The cohesiveness of a tight-knit group of friends. Togetherness. And the dancing. I, Meghan, actually danced. (Well, if you can call it dancing…but hey.) Plenty of happenings that caught me totally off guard…happened. Confused but happy, which is basically a constant combination of emotion in your teenage years you know? You’re one or the other or both but rarely ever neither. We ran down the hill on the way home. It was freezing and none of us noticed, as we fought over who got to carry the trident to the Natty Light case king costume. Eventually we made it back after much chaos in the courtyard. I remember standing in the stairwell, I came across the boy I had the biggest crush on. The one who hadn’t gone that night because he had to study for a test. We chatted. He offered to give me a ride home. I could tell you the exact shade of the glow in his eyes that night, in this very moment. I didn’t go home, we had a giant sleepover and Larry broke his foot walking into the TV that night, and I harshly told him not to be a baby. How was I supposed to know he really hurt himself? The next day began like most of my favorite times in life. I love nothing more than awaking in a room surrounded by my best friends.

That was Monday.

About a lifetime passed between Monday and Friday. Friday was another party we made our way to. It was a rare occasion for all of my favorite people to be in the same place at once. Usually my girls were a bit more scattered. We were convinced it was our last night of fun together before Lizzi had new responsibilities, we hadn’t quite figured out what to make of yet. This only led us to believe this should be a full out night of celebration. And celebrate we did.

It was about a week before I left my teenage years. Twenty doesn’t have a lot of jazz to it because you’re still remarkably far away from twenty-one, but you’re starting to sound old, and you lose the right to blame things on being a teenager (whether or not you ever did.) I made a certain wish back then, and to my surprise that wish was granted. It’s the only wish I remember making that actually came true. This is saying a lot because if you tallied all of my blown candle, penny in a fountain, 11:11, superstitious, eyes-closed tight, more like a prayer wishes over the years they were probably in the hundreds. While I was on top of the world at the time, over the moon ecstatic at this mounting potential of a turn in things, it only made the impact of the crash to reality harder. It was simultaneously the best and worst birthday present ever, (though it happened weeks before my birthday.) It seemed like a secret gift the universe bestowed to me, and that I relished its greatness in silence on the inside for days. I could still rattle off every detail of those moments. The Hollister hooded jacket with fur trim, Mandy let me borrow while we got ready last night. The necklace I was wearing my parents had given me as a birthday present for my 18th birthday. How my hair was straighter and softer than it ever is in regular life. Us convincing Tiffany she wasn’t too old to hang out with us at this party, and it was going to be the most fun ever. I could tell you about the spray paint, or wandering around the back deck. I could tell you about running into an older girl I always admired for her elegance and grace. The way she made you feel special in a three minute conversation. I could tell you about the point my life transitioned to a slow-motion clock when that wish came true. The seconds just ticked by at a screeching halt as if the universe was begging me to absorb every bit of the moment. I could tell you about the fight that broke out behind us, or the nosey girl who interrupted, or the ruckus in the bushes, and the sound of one of my girl friend’s cell phone’s shattering into pieces as it hit the sidewalk. I could tell you of the intense stare and the way I probably couldn’t have uttered my name in those seconds. But all of that chaos didn’t really affect my freeze-frame moment of time. It’s kind of like a world within a world, and this is why I’m convinced that for a split second the universe came to a halt. How else could I explain the pause button on life?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that some of the worst pain comes when we break our own hearts. The let down I experienced came from a fall I set myself up for, and can’t be blamed on someone else. It all depends on the way you spin it. You can look at it from this dark angle where all my wishes forever, (drama queen much?) are cursed and better left unmade, or see the opportunity this situation provided. Most of the time, if I interrogate myself I wonder if given the choice, would I make this same wish again, knowing the outcome? I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s probably better for me not to mess with fate.

What I’ll tell you is this, some moments in life are fleeting and disappear fast, before we even register them on our radar. But, what we’re left with (and don’t tell me that I’ve dramatized these memories because I can tell you that I already recognize the pros and cons, they’re lists I’ve made dozens of times) is a lesson to be learned. Maybe I didn’t get to hold onto these wishes come true. At the time they gave me the confidence to step out on a limb I might not have done so without them. That limb might have been shaky, and whether or not that was a positive or negative decision is negotiable, BUT I don’t have to wonder. Another version of me, wouldn’t have ventured on the limb and I’d be sitting here five years later wondering what if? And now I know. Now, I know what kind of moments are capable of existing. We shouldn’t live lives void of passion, I can tell you that. People I’ve encountered along the years think I’m foolish that such emotions aren’t accessible, that it’s silly to expect to feel those butterflies down the line, that anyone could ignite such a flurry of emotion. Well, they’re wrong. And we’re selling ourselves short when we agree to settle for anything less.

So, maybe I caused myself some tears. Maybe I still have the ability to get all upset over it if I get too nostalgic and philosophical later, but on a really deep level I’m thankful for all of the experiences. I never want to be disconnected from the ability to feel things on a real and raw level. The kind that lets you know you’re perfectly alive for all it’s worth in the good and the not so good. I have these moments, and some similar to thank for reminding myself what I want out of life at times. Sometimes, we wander too far down a road and get confused. Sometimes these moments come to me in dreams and I’m reminded of the intensity of great things in life and not to comprise and take the mundane because it’s there. Leah and I just had a good reminiscent moment texting about these days, and I’m not the only one who recognized the beauty of the times of our lives when we were dizzy with the promise of potential.

Happy Halloween Friends!


Over on Meg Says I shared a few happy-spooky videos for your viewing and listening pleasure today, so you can check those out if you’re interested.

My advice? If someone invites you to a party: go! Even if you think your costume is lame, I doubt it is, and no one cares like you imagine they do. Just go. JD and I went trick or treating in high school. One year Mandy, John, Lizzi, Larry and I went to the Haunted House. I’ve already given y’all the recap of the year I went to Halloween Horror Nights. Some of these experiences were more fun than others, but I’m glad for the memories I made. It’s the times a crush would invite me to costume parties, that I chickened out on that I shake my head at now. Seriously? If you’re in a place in life without a thousand responsibilities, live it up.

Also, what better time to share with you one of my favorite costumes of all time?


Whatever you end up doing today/tonight, movie time, handing out candy to trick or treaters, going trick or treating yourself or with little ones, costume parties, pumpkin carving, or just hanging out – have a fun and safe time!

Happppy Birthday, Mandy!

Alright, as if you haven’t been able to tell yet I have a bit (understatement) of an obsession with my fabulous sisters, and today we’re celebrating another one’s birthday! One of my sweetest, dearest, favorite friends is turning 25 today! I’m wishing a Happy Happy Birthday to Mandy! If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I’ve been blessed with some pretty awesome roommates over the years (Lizzi in London, Camille in the annex,) but my first sister roommate was Mandy. We moved into the house together our sophomore year, and lived there again our junior year. (Plus, you could just go ahead and consider her Camille and I’s third roommate senior year.) As I’ve mentioned before, I am quite aware I was not the easiest person to live with. I’m kind of messy, can have some pretty intense mood swings, she might have had to listen to “Tracks of my Tears,” “Piano Man,” and “Tiny Dancer” about three thousand times, and never gave me too much of a hard time about my enthusiasm for Kyle XY. Junior year fall was a “little” stressful with my unexpected term serving on exec. and the constant knocks on our door at three olock in the morning to tell me that the kitchen was having electrical problems, they couldn’t get ice out of the machine, or  oops locked out can you call the locksmith? (I’m telling you, when these random requests stop life’s normalcy feels weird for a while.) This girl is amazing though, she’s smart and funny and has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever know! She’s a loyal friend, and she sticks by through thick and thin. We have been through so much together, and I have been so unbelievably blessed by our friendship. (I am super super excited because she’s coming to town in two weeks for homecoming YES!) I have countless memories with this girl. Some of the things that come to the forefront of my mind pretty quickly are our old days in the house, it felt like summer camp all the time. We built blanket forts in our room, and would stay up all hours whispering about endless things from our bunk beds until one of us fell asleep. We watched ridiculous amounts of Nancy Grace and news coverage on bizarre events. We tutored at Grace Mission together, and took our mentees on little outings. We road tripped to the beach and Thomasville. She’s the one who’d call the cops when my phone gets stolen in the middle of the night, or brings me crackers at four am when I’m complaining from the other side of the room that I feel like death from our cinnamon drinks. I think about the excitement of her engagement, or the night she asked me to be her MOH. Screaming through a scary haunted house, the katrillion number of times we got ready for events together – always ready to throw on a crazy costume. What’s crazy to think is that we’ve been friends for about six years now, and the amount of bonding we’ve packed into that time. I’m wishing this special person a very happy birthday and year full of great things to come!

One of our first roomie pics!

Pre-littles for all of us 🙂

Oh you know, we just had Stacia help us make matching lady bug dresses, haha.

Omgsh, such a fun night – Jacki’s Waltz and epic evening at Chubbies. Also the night we jumped in the fountain and I drowned that poor phone.

Winter Formal Sophomore  year!

Spring Break in the Keys sophomore year.

Tiffany and Gary’s wedding!

Jacki’s wedding in St.Augustine

This one was on our door’s bulletin board for a while

Girl’s beach weekend

Pier Park in Panama City

GREEK meet and greet 🙂

Mandy’s 21st purple Princess 🙂

Another favorite…some random biker bar in Oveido, getting invited to birthday parties…

Oh just filling in on phones at the hotel pre-Carly’s wedding

Rachel’s waltzzz

Oh a fave moment…just chatting on the phone at the Inn Between.

Camille’s waltz!

Toga time!

Beth’s Tutu 22 Waltz

Our awesome shirts we borrowed from Eryn, haha

Rockstar social, hence the ridiculous outfits…

Senior year semi-formal

Island exploring adventure on the cruise

Senior year spring break cruise with our new FSU almuni friend at Senor Frogs.

Shelby’s waltz!

We were sad it was our last social!

Senior bar crawl night!

Spring Formal senior year! (Our last one :()

Senior banquet night

Our last night before graduation, hanging out at the Inn Between…

Finally riding the electric golf cart, bucket list check haha

Rehearsal dinner night!

Beautiful bride on her wedding day! (I was honored to be her maid of honor.)

Deb ball fun!

Reunited for a little summer visit!

Hanging out in the back room at Water Works on a fall visit

Girls weekend last spring!

Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on Another Awesome Roomie Birthday

Hello, hello and Happy Thursday to all of you! It would seem that it’s that time again. You got it: Throwback Thursday! This week, I’d like to dedicate the post to another one of my dear sorority sisters, Camille. We lived in the annex together senior year, and then actually again in the fall of 2010 she took me in when I moved back to Tallahassee. I know I am not the easiest person to live with, but she put up with me for a good while. We have shared so many great times together over the years, and been shoulders for each other in the not so great times either. I love to think about different adventures we had (I’d really like to go get milkshakes and watch E! News with her right now,) and the simple times together that happen when you’re comfortable with someone and can just chill doing nothing and still enjoy it. There’s a certain kind of bond that develops when you sleep across the room from someone and whisper late into the dark. Camille is one of the kindest most genuine people I know. She’s fierce and strong and loyal. She just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday on Monday and my oh my, I know I am simply blessed to not only have this girl in my life, but to be able to call her a friend.

Okay, so my eyes are closed but this is probably one of our first photos together.

Recruitment 2007.

Sisterhood retreat Macon, GA 2007.

Winter Formal group photo fall semester 2007.

Tiffany’s bridal shower group photo spring 2008.

Tiffany’s wedding! Probably with some wine on the dance floor.


Lizzi’s Pretty in Pink Waltz!

Rachel’s Mad Hatter Waltz

Camille’s Waltz!

Julie’s Rainboots Waltz! (It was a season for waltzes..)

Junior year Grandslam Tournament!

Jacki and Jared’s Wedding in St.Augustine (summer 2009)

Being tourists during the wedding weekend, at a quat fountain!

First social of Senior Year, Around the World.

Hannah’s Hannah Montanna waltz!

Winter time Happy Hour with Camille and Casey at Paradigm.

Light the Night Walk Senior Year.

Spring Break 2012 – cruise fun

On the island

Senor Frogs

Staying up for Shelby to turn 21, we got a little sleepy

slotsssss, cruise casino

Sisterhood bonding at the roller rink

Senior year formal

Senior pub crawl

Mandy’s Bachelorette Party at Stetson’s

After the reception at Mandy and John’s wedding (we’ve been to a lot of weddings together too, obviously. Weddings and Waltzes…)

Reunited back in Tally!

Camille’s 23rd Birthday!

Clemson game 2010.

Tailgating at Kappa Sig.

Boat time last summer, so good to be reunited. It needs to happen again soon!

Throwback Thursday: Friend Appreciation Post

Hola, good morning everyone. I’m thinking for today I’d like to make a little appreciation post of one of my dearest friends Lizzi! She celebrated her 25th birthday last Saturday (kicked it off right at the Obama event in Tampa.) I have been blessed in so many ways by our friendship over the years. There’s something to be said for the friends we make on the cusp of our teens, and who hang on in the tumultuous years of our early twenties. These are crazy times for sure. We met in the fall of my freshman year (her sophomore) at FSU. We were in the same pledge class in Phi Mu. We were in the same sorority family (B&B yeah!,) and our big sisters were friends, but we grew our own tight knit friendship over the years. We were roomies in London, and there’s no one else I would have rather spent that summer abroad with. We served on exec together my junior (her senior year.) She lived across the hall from Mandy and I in the house. Her parents lived in Winter Springs while we were in college, so we were close enough for little visits on holiday breaks from school (she’s the one who introduced me to Chiptole before it made its arrival in Tally!) Sometimes we went to church together. We watched results come in for the 2008 election together in the stadium. We’ve attended weddings together, had some of the best nights out, and best nights in. Our friendship transcended that weird stage post-college. I was lucky enough to get some “extra” time with her as she stayed in Tallahasssee for law school. I got to know her awesome boyfriend Drew. She shared yummy recipes, we had pool days, and book talks, and chick flick watches. We had countless Panera dates, and girly froyo meet-ups where she was always a good voice of reason. We are always able to share fully and honestly whether it be in really great seasons, or the less so ones. (She would calmly listen on days I was edgy with desperation in rough patches, and counsel with good advice. She’d share entertaining anecdotes to make me laugh. She’s a wonderful shoulder when I burst into ugly tears.) She is one of my favorite sister-friends and I am just so proud to know her. Lizzi may only be two months older than me, but I have always looked up to, and admired her. She sets and meets these incredible goals, she has such a positive outlook on life, she’s funny and smart and pretty. She’s so encouraging and seeing all the things she accomplishes is a motivator and inspiration to me in itself (like her running, etc.) So cheers to my amazing friend Lizzi! And now here’s a little trip down memory lane with a few photos, (since she’s made other appearances on photo posts here I’ll try and share some different ones):

Grey’s Anatomy

Car ride over to the reveal!

Big sis reveal ’07, (we were sooo excited to get our littles!)

I think this was on the way to a 007 social, post pomping party.

Blackout game tailgating at Phi Tau, Fall ’07.

Black out game fall ’07.

Repeat, but it’s a favorite!

Parent’s weekend banquet fall 2007.

Fall Semester, Phi Tau party – November 2007.

At our founder’s college on the sisterhood retreat in Macon.

Pow Wow ’07!

Christmas ’07!

Formal ’07!

Grandslam Philanthropy ’08!

Before seeing Hairspray at the West End!

Quatting it up at Tower Bridge!

And again at a phone booth.

We found Ty Pennington in a pub!


At the Peter Pan statue 🙂 summer 08.

Our fave – Revolution Vodka Bar.

This one was in the study abroad catalog for a few semesters. (Also, ABBA was our go to playlist for getting ready that summer.)

Alternated with the Across the Universe soundtrack. We were probably a bit delirious on the crazzzzy long bus ride to Scotland!

Jumping pic in Scotland (she’s REALLY good at these!)

Castle where Maid of Honor was filmed!



Our fave tour guide!

Oh this was an entertaining experience getting up there in Trafalgar square for this “sir fidel” shot!

Our home tube station.

Clock and Seal banquet!

We liked to endure the rainy FB games, together!

Her 21st birthday waltz!

Awaiting election results!

Relay for Life – in the tent in a rainy patch.

At Mandy’s wedding summer 2010!

Gasparilla Parade last year.

Grad party!

With hopefully a million more great times to come in the future! She’s living in Tampa now, so I obviously need to make some Central FL visits, and I can’t wait for them to come up for some games – eek!

Throwback Thursday: #11 Memory Lane, the Beginning of FSU!

Happy Thursday everyone! This week feels like quite the whirlwind. As I was running this morning, (and the rain that’s been hanging around for days was pelting down on me,) I realized that Thursday had just kind of crept up on me. The weekend is almost here, and thankfully this one is a little extra long with Monday being a holiday! Saturday will be the first home college football game of the season, (with a 6PM kick off – those are faaaar better than noon games, hands down in my book!) This was the first week of school for the university and since last week I gave you all a peek of some old recruitment week photos I’d have saved from the years, I figured this week I could provide a little trip down memory lane of the beginning of my times at Florida State!

I couldn’t find these the other day, but ta-da my pledge class on Bid Day!

Move-In Day at Jennie Murphree Hall!

Inverness friends hanging out at Osceola Village.

Hanging out in the laundry room of our dorm. Ohh the things that were entertaining in the beginning.

Right before the start of school each year, FSU has a kick off event called “Last Call Before Fall” (which closes out Seminole Sensation Week.) Freshman year, my friend Janea and I went with her roommate Shannon and watched a Chris Cagle concert!

Our first game was away that year against Miami. Hanging out at the CSU with new friends!

PC ’06 Before the Retreat!

With Elan and Lindsay at the Phi Retreat!

With Lenni at the Phi Retreat!

Pit stop on the Phi Retreat road trip.

Leah and I’s first game together!

With some of my sisters at our first tailgate (at the Chi Phi house) before our first football game!

One of our first parties, together.

My fish school family from the BCM.

Post game tailgate with my cousins 🙂

IFC Rush Week with Leah.

Things you’re allowed to do in college since no one tells you what to do…jump on the bed!

I vividly remember getting ready together to go out that night. Janea did my hair (probably how we look like hair twins.)

Look who came to visit! With Nate & my bro. (Who now both live here, too!)

With Nate & E at Westcott Fountain!

The B&B Family at Big Sis Reveal!

I remember getting ready for our first crush together, too. We were at Marisa’s dorm across from the house and she straightened my hair and I remember thinking, this is just what I imagined college would be like!

Girls before our first Crush!

First crush with Linds!

One of the few documented dancing photos of my life.

Canning for Dance Marathon before another game!

More visitors 🙂

Caryn’s room was a few doors down from Shannon and Janea (which was three floors down from mine.) Perfection!

Our first philanthropy event at Cheers 4 Charity!

With Caryn before initation!

Boston College Black Out game with Hailey!

Women in Lit. class my friend Crystal brought me Starbucks!

Ok, ok the pic spam is over for the day! If it’s your first week of school (at any level, students or teachers) I hope it’s going well so far. If you’re done with school I hope this gave you a chance to reflect on your own years, and that the memories brought a smile to your face!