Throwback Thursday: A few oldies of some women in the family

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning kind of confused that somehow it’s already Thursday. This week seems to have gone by in a blur so far, though I can’t really complain because I enjoy when the weekend arrives. I already did a little throwback over on Meg Says this morning with some “Raspberry Beret” (that prince song from the 80’s.) So, now I’ll share some photos in the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Mug’s Life…

Love this pic of my mom and aunt when they were little. So sweet! You can always pick out my mom in old photos, too.

And my Aunt Phyllis when she was little. You can totally tell it’s her too.

Snagged this one from my aunt’s Facebook page, too. A cowboy birthday party in the 60’s. Love it!

My mom is so creative…

Christmas Eve 1989. Who’d have thought Tallahassee would have a White Christmas?! If only these pesky 70 and 80 temperatures would go away now…


Throwback Thursday: Awkward Photos of Me Courtsey of Mom

Last Friday I turned twenty-five, and my mom decided to put up an album of awkward photos “celebrating” me on Facebook. The more recent ones I’m not as much a fan of, and two of them definitely feel like they were erased from my memory all together, but I’ll share a few here today!

Okay, I shouldn’t complain that much because this is one of my fave photos. (And she doesn’t post awkward hospital ones where I always all wrapped up in tubes and wires and hooked to plenty of machines.)

And I’ll share this one, even though when she submitted it for my spot on the 8th grade baby photo page my friend Sunny said I looked like a “crack baby.” (True story.)

Reppin’ my dad’s alma mater.

Yeah, if someone wants to give me that outfit in adult version I wouldn’t say no!

So sassy.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho fifth grade. (Remember this trip, do not remember this photo. Probably because it was like zero degrees.)

This one sums up plenty of years. Reading a book in the corner. (I don’t remember this photo either, and I think that may have been an Easter dress but who knows.) Check out the Baby Sitter’s Club book in my head…yeah, good taste.

Me on my birthday last year. My mom made banana’s foster french toast and oh how weird I was drinking out of one of our Coeur d’Alene mugs!

So there you go. Plenty of awkwardness to check out. And if you’re looking for a good tune, go listen to Rilo Kiley’s “Go Ahead” on Meg Says today! Happy Thursday! And sorry that from the looks of it, none of the blogs I follow won Powerball last night, either 😦

Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on Another Awesome Roomie Birthday

Hello, hello and Happy Thursday to all of you! It would seem that it’s that time again. You got it: Throwback Thursday! This week, I’d like to dedicate the post to another one of my dear sorority sisters, Camille. We lived in the annex together senior year, and then actually again in the fall of 2010 she took me in when I moved back to Tallahassee. I know I am not the easiest person to live with, but she put up with me for a good while. We have shared so many great times together over the years, and been shoulders for each other in the not so great times either. I love to think about different adventures we had (I’d really like to go get milkshakes and watch E! News with her right now,) and the simple times together that happen when you’re comfortable with someone and can just chill doing nothing and still enjoy it. There’s a certain kind of bond that develops when you sleep across the room from someone and whisper late into the dark. Camille is one of the kindest most genuine people I know. She’s fierce and strong and loyal. She just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday on Monday and my oh my, I know I am simply blessed to not only have this girl in my life, but to be able to call her a friend.

Okay, so my eyes are closed but this is probably one of our first photos together.

Recruitment 2007.

Sisterhood retreat Macon, GA 2007.

Winter Formal group photo fall semester 2007.

Tiffany’s bridal shower group photo spring 2008.

Tiffany’s wedding! Probably with some wine on the dance floor.


Lizzi’s Pretty in Pink Waltz!

Rachel’s Mad Hatter Waltz

Camille’s Waltz!

Julie’s Rainboots Waltz! (It was a season for waltzes..)

Junior year Grandslam Tournament!

Jacki and Jared’s Wedding in St.Augustine (summer 2009)

Being tourists during the wedding weekend, at a quat fountain!

First social of Senior Year, Around the World.

Hannah’s Hannah Montanna waltz!

Winter time Happy Hour with Camille and Casey at Paradigm.

Light the Night Walk Senior Year.

Spring Break 2012 – cruise fun

On the island

Senor Frogs

Staying up for Shelby to turn 21, we got a little sleepy

slotsssss, cruise casino

Sisterhood bonding at the roller rink

Senior year formal

Senior pub crawl

Mandy’s Bachelorette Party at Stetson’s

After the reception at Mandy and John’s wedding (we’ve been to a lot of weddings together too, obviously. Weddings and Waltzes…)

Reunited back in Tally!

Camille’s 23rd Birthday!

Clemson game 2010.

Tailgating at Kappa Sig.

Boat time last summer, so good to be reunited. It needs to happen again soon!

Throwback Thursday

Happppy Throwback Thursday everyone! Sorry for my failure to post last week. Work was a little busy, but alas here I am again (slow morning, with plenty of time haha.) Today’s a little combo post of what’s primarily been on my mind lately – fall and football. Fall = pumpkin and Halloween related things, and of course football = FSU! So, here you go with a few randoms thrown in!

Flipping through my old albums on Facebook, I stumbled across this photo from the FSU vs. UF game in highschool. Katie, Kaela, and I in front of the Unconquered statue.

And because it seems to be a trend of throwbacks at the Unconquered statue, here’s me on my “College Day” tour of FSU senior year of high school.

And Beth, E and I the following weekend.

And Beth and I tailgating together. (Spot look familiar? Yeah, it’s the same one seven years later, haha.)

And it makes me smile because then there’s this one too with Katie and Kaela, from an AIM Day celebration party.

I was thinking about this pic of my dad and I when we were at the Clemson/FSU game last weekend so I thought I’d throw it in. It’s in one of my high school yearbooks on the “weekend activities” pages, haha.

And here’s another pumpkin patch photo because I just love these.

My mom is obviously the best costume maker ever. I’m Jasmine, can’t you tell?

A few years later…a pirate and a kiss.

I have to throw this one in because who goes trick or treating in high school? Oh yeah, us. And we wore these outfits to school that day…(granted it was homecoming week.)

Since you’re never too old for pumpkin patches this is Shelby and I (at the same one) my senior year in college.

With our pumpkins post decorating – Mandy, me, Shelbs.

Throwback Thursday: Friend Appreciation Post

Hola, good morning everyone. I’m thinking for today I’d like to make a little appreciation post of one of my dearest friends Lizzi! She celebrated her 25th birthday last Saturday (kicked it off right at the Obama event in Tampa.) I have been blessed in so many ways by our friendship over the years. There’s something to be said for the friends we make on the cusp of our teens, and who hang on in the tumultuous years of our early twenties. These are crazy times for sure. We met in the fall of my freshman year (her sophomore) at FSU. We were in the same pledge class in Phi Mu. We were in the same sorority family (B&B yeah!,) and our big sisters were friends, but we grew our own tight knit friendship over the years. We were roomies in London, and there’s no one else I would have rather spent that summer abroad with. We served on exec together my junior (her senior year.) She lived across the hall from Mandy and I in the house. Her parents lived in Winter Springs while we were in college, so we were close enough for little visits on holiday breaks from school (she’s the one who introduced me to Chiptole before it made its arrival in Tally!) Sometimes we went to church together. We watched results come in for the 2008 election together in the stadium. We’ve attended weddings together, had some of the best nights out, and best nights in. Our friendship transcended that weird stage post-college. I was lucky enough to get some “extra” time with her as she stayed in Tallahasssee for law school. I got to know her awesome boyfriend Drew. She shared yummy recipes, we had pool days, and book talks, and chick flick watches. We had countless Panera dates, and girly froyo meet-ups where she was always a good voice of reason. We are always able to share fully and honestly whether it be in really great seasons, or the less so ones. (She would calmly listen on days I was edgy with desperation in rough patches, and counsel with good advice. She’d share entertaining anecdotes to make me laugh. She’s a wonderful shoulder when I burst into ugly tears.) She is one of my favorite sister-friends and I am just so proud to know her. Lizzi may only be two months older than me, but I have always looked up to, and admired her. She sets and meets these incredible goals, she has such a positive outlook on life, she’s funny and smart and pretty. She’s so encouraging and seeing all the things she accomplishes is a motivator and inspiration to me in itself (like her running, etc.) So cheers to my amazing friend Lizzi! And now here’s a little trip down memory lane with a few photos, (since she’s made other appearances on photo posts here I’ll try and share some different ones):

Grey’s Anatomy

Car ride over to the reveal!

Big sis reveal ’07, (we were sooo excited to get our littles!)

I think this was on the way to a 007 social, post pomping party.

Blackout game tailgating at Phi Tau, Fall ’07.

Black out game fall ’07.

Repeat, but it’s a favorite!

Parent’s weekend banquet fall 2007.

Fall Semester, Phi Tau party – November 2007.

At our founder’s college on the sisterhood retreat in Macon.

Pow Wow ’07!

Christmas ’07!

Formal ’07!

Grandslam Philanthropy ’08!

Before seeing Hairspray at the West End!

Quatting it up at Tower Bridge!

And again at a phone booth.

We found Ty Pennington in a pub!


At the Peter Pan statue 🙂 summer 08.

Our fave – Revolution Vodka Bar.

This one was in the study abroad catalog for a few semesters. (Also, ABBA was our go to playlist for getting ready that summer.)

Alternated with the Across the Universe soundtrack. We were probably a bit delirious on the crazzzzy long bus ride to Scotland!

Jumping pic in Scotland (she’s REALLY good at these!)

Castle where Maid of Honor was filmed!



Our fave tour guide!

Oh this was an entertaining experience getting up there in Trafalgar square for this “sir fidel” shot!

Our home tube station.

Clock and Seal banquet!

We liked to endure the rainy FB games, together!

Her 21st birthday waltz!

Awaiting election results!

Relay for Life – in the tent in a rainy patch.

At Mandy’s wedding summer 2010!

Gasparilla Parade last year.

Grad party!

With hopefully a million more great times to come in the future! She’s living in Tampa now, so I obviously need to make some Central FL visits, and I can’t wait for them to come up for some games – eek!

Throwback Thursday: #11 Memory Lane, the Beginning of FSU!

Happy Thursday everyone! This week feels like quite the whirlwind. As I was running this morning, (and the rain that’s been hanging around for days was pelting down on me,) I realized that Thursday had just kind of crept up on me. The weekend is almost here, and thankfully this one is a little extra long with Monday being a holiday! Saturday will be the first home college football game of the season, (with a 6PM kick off – those are faaaar better than noon games, hands down in my book!) This was the first week of school for the university and since last week I gave you all a peek of some old recruitment week photos I’d have saved from the years, I figured this week I could provide a little trip down memory lane of the beginning of my times at Florida State!

I couldn’t find these the other day, but ta-da my pledge class on Bid Day!

Move-In Day at Jennie Murphree Hall!

Inverness friends hanging out at Osceola Village.

Hanging out in the laundry room of our dorm. Ohh the things that were entertaining in the beginning.

Right before the start of school each year, FSU has a kick off event called “Last Call Before Fall” (which closes out Seminole Sensation Week.) Freshman year, my friend Janea and I went with her roommate Shannon and watched a Chris Cagle concert!

Our first game was away that year against Miami. Hanging out at the CSU with new friends!

PC ’06 Before the Retreat!

With Elan and Lindsay at the Phi Retreat!

With Lenni at the Phi Retreat!

Pit stop on the Phi Retreat road trip.

Leah and I’s first game together!

With some of my sisters at our first tailgate (at the Chi Phi house) before our first football game!

One of our first parties, together.

My fish school family from the BCM.

Post game tailgate with my cousins 🙂

IFC Rush Week with Leah.

Things you’re allowed to do in college since no one tells you what to do…jump on the bed!

I vividly remember getting ready together to go out that night. Janea did my hair (probably how we look like hair twins.)

Look who came to visit! With Nate & my bro. (Who now both live here, too!)

With Nate & E at Westcott Fountain!

The B&B Family at Big Sis Reveal!

I remember getting ready for our first crush together, too. We were at Marisa’s dorm across from the house and she straightened my hair and I remember thinking, this is just what I imagined college would be like!

Girls before our first Crush!

First crush with Linds!

One of the few documented dancing photos of my life.

Canning for Dance Marathon before another game!

More visitors 🙂

Caryn’s room was a few doors down from Shannon and Janea (which was three floors down from mine.) Perfection!

Our first philanthropy event at Cheers 4 Charity!

With Caryn before initation!

Boston College Black Out game with Hailey!

Women in Lit. class my friend Crystal brought me Starbucks!

Ok, ok the pic spam is over for the day! If it’s your first week of school (at any level, students or teachers) I hope it’s going well so far. If you’re done with school I hope this gave you a chance to reflect on your own years, and that the memories brought a smile to your face!

Throwback Thursday: Week Nine

Like I said over on MegSays I think I’m suffering a little from Olympic withdrawals, so I apologize for my lack of posts. There’s not much too interesting for me to report on lately, but it is Thursday so in that case I’ll share with you guys some more throwback photos!

Okay, so I was browsing my Facebook albums and it seems that for whatever reason people picking me up in photos seemed to be a trend over the years. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, since piggy back rides are in my top ten favorite things in the world!)

This is my friend Kaela and I at my 13th birthday party. I was about to say if only you could see the whole outfit, but just you wait…

Those were my affectionately labeled at school, “space pants.” And that shirt was one of those ridiculous ones with “angel” written in silver glitter cursive across the front. Seems crazy now, but I was SO excited about that outfit at the time. (*Note the crimped hair, as well.*)

This is from Sarah and Ashley’s joint birthday party our freshman year.

I had this one hanging in my room forever, from the same night.

This is from one of Beth and I’s many walks around Seven Lakes. I think 10th grade maybe? Oh, the days…

I can’t rotate this right now, but this is Grayson and I (best name ever right?! fall semester of freshman year at FSU. A stop in our Phi Retreat road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Oh man, one of the best piggy back rides of my life – with Lizzi bug sophomore year at Dance Marathon.

Little and I at the holiday party junior year.

This is from Leah’s 21st Birthday waltz, February of junior year.

The Fab Four. Travis, Leah, Larry and I at Westcott Fountain Senior Year.

There’s one other photo that comes clearly to mind when I see this, and if I find it later I’ll be sure to include it here. Ohh man, Throwback Thursdays make me a little nostalgic – crazy days!