Throwback Thursday: Lifelong Friends

This weekend, I’m hitting the road again. Larry and I are headed to Destin to see one of my oldest, dearest friends get married to his sweet fiance! I’ve been friends with Brad, Kyle, and Charlie since kindergarten. That’s twenty years of life right there. We coined ourselves the Pirates back in highschool, and they were my great adventure partners. We’d explore in the dried up lakes, go canoeing when there was enough water, roam the country club on nighttime golfcart rides (oh! the year I was on the golf team haha,) hit up Huddle House at odd hours of the night, they’d watch Degrassi with me since Charlie was the only one of us with that channel. Late night swims where they might’ve practiced scuba diving, or jumping off far too high awnings, climb trees (though I might’ve needed assistance getting down,) go to basketball games together, hit up Ocala just for Moe’s (small town kid life, alright?), sometimes head to the beach just for a day. Getting our liscenses definitely broadened our adventure scales – oh the places we could explore! Sometimes, that just meant finding an icecream shop that was open, and jamming out in the car with the windows down. Even being able to drive though, I can’t tell you how many countless nights we ended up just hanging out in the kitchen at Charlie’s house talking about life, looking up music, watching random videos on the internet. Aren’t the times you spend doing absolutely nothing, some of the best though? Of course, our ideas didn’t always align. (Very conservative versus my liberal self, and the lone Seminole in a room full of Gators – this led to a heated argument or two, and maybe some fierce pingpong matches.) They’d be just as down for a game of Guess Who or throwing darts, as they were to go hangout at this smokey dive bar in our hometown and throwaway money on the Jukebox, down Irish Car Bombs, or sing kareoke. As Maroon 5 would tell you, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, we’ve known each other long enough to hit some rough patches of life too – the hard stuff memorial services, family life changes, all kinds of stuff. Love these boys through thick and thin, and it’s been nice to know someone has your back. I’m so excited to see them all so happy about life, and so excited to celebrate with them this new chapter in Brad & Katie’s life! So! Today I’ve got a little photo spam of some highlights over the years. These boys are always down for making crazy faces with my ridiculous amounts of photo taking, so I’ve got some randoms:


Throwback Thursday

Heyyy! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday post, but since today I am going to be reunited with one of my favorite friends at her new home in Chicago I figured I’d throw out a few flashback photos!

Lauren was always down to go to crazy free stuff on campus with me, like this 90’s night where we watched old Nick Cartoons on big screens on the green sitting on inflatable furniture, and decorated fanny packs!

Sporting 3D glasses for the Mae concert at Club Downunder!

Or our epic adventure for the free concert Weezer put on at the Civic center! (Where we wound up in their music video for like .4 seconds!)

We were audience buddies at multiple CHS graduations

We rode to school together everyday of my senior year (her freshman year) where I constantly talked about the weather and played the same mixed CDs over & over.

Hanging out during freshman year Christmas break!

FSU Football games 🙂

And then reallly it doesn’t get more old school than this:

So how about that for some randomness?! Yeahhh, well I like to take lots of pics so don’t be surprised if I appear with a post again soon from this weekend. So excited! Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Throwback Thursday Returns

Hey guys! Bet you didn’t expect to see a few flashback posts from me,  hmm? It’s been awhile and I scrounged up a few I figured I could share:

Sophomore year (I think?) we went to Outback in April to celebrate Buffy’s birthday. How fitting was that coaster? (And the fact that it’s April – FIVE YEARS LATER, now. What?!)

Andrew McMahon playing piano with his feet (like a boss.) This is from the Something Corporate Reunion Tour of 2010 at House of Blues Orlando. In SIXTEEN days I’ll hear that lovely voice once again.

2010 was a good year for concerts. That’s me and Lauren at the (FREE!) Weezer concert at the Civic Center. I GET TO GO VISIT HER IN CHICAGO IN A MONTH!

It shows up dark but I can’t tell you how filled up with light I am in this picture because my heart was probably about to explode. One of the first shots from study abroad in London. I was watching The Exotic Marigold Hotel last night and I got seriously heartsick for London.

Toga social sophomore year? Next week I get to frolic in Tennessee with this girl. Looooong awaited reunion. EEK!

This is from almost this time exactly, last year. (April 6th? which is Saturday haha.) It’s raining right now, but I can’t wait for pool days and sunshine.

Springtime Tallahassee is this weekend, and this photo is from a few years ago (ok more than a few like five.) AND I get to see this pretty girl (my big sister, Hailey) GET MARRIED at the end of May! ahhh

Okay that was a quick one, but obviously a few of these years have a lot in common with the next coming months for me: good concerts, great friends (reunions!), and fun in the sun with my great family! Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Throwback Thursday: A few oldies of some women in the family

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning kind of confused that somehow it’s already Thursday. This week seems to have gone by in a blur so far, though I can’t really complain because I enjoy when the weekend arrives. I already did a little throwback over on Meg Says this morning with some “Raspberry Beret” (that prince song from the 80’s.) So, now I’ll share some photos in the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Mug’s Life…

Love this pic of my mom and aunt when they were little. So sweet! You can always pick out my mom in old photos, too.

And my Aunt Phyllis when she was little. You can totally tell it’s her too.

Snagged this one from my aunt’s Facebook page, too. A cowboy birthday party in the 60’s. Love it!

My mom is so creative…

Christmas Eve 1989. Who’d have thought Tallahassee would have a White Christmas?! If only these pesky 70 and 80 temperatures would go away now…

Throwback Thursday: Awkward Photos of Me Courtsey of Mom

Last Friday I turned twenty-five, and my mom decided to put up an album of awkward photos “celebrating” me on Facebook. The more recent ones I’m not as much a fan of, and two of them definitely feel like they were erased from my memory all together, but I’ll share a few here today!

Okay, I shouldn’t complain that much because this is one of my fave photos. (And she doesn’t post awkward hospital ones where I always all wrapped up in tubes and wires and hooked to plenty of machines.)

And I’ll share this one, even though when she submitted it for my spot on the 8th grade baby photo page my friend Sunny said I looked like a “crack baby.” (True story.)

Reppin’ my dad’s alma mater.

Yeah, if someone wants to give me that outfit in adult version I wouldn’t say no!

So sassy.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho fifth grade. (Remember this trip, do not remember this photo. Probably because it was like zero degrees.)

This one sums up plenty of years. Reading a book in the corner. (I don’t remember this photo either, and I think that may have been an Easter dress but who knows.) Check out the Baby Sitter’s Club book in my head…yeah, good taste.

Me on my birthday last year. My mom made banana’s foster french toast and oh how weird I was drinking out of one of our Coeur d’Alene mugs!

So there you go. Plenty of awkwardness to check out. And if you’re looking for a good tune, go listen to Rilo Kiley’s “Go Ahead” on Meg Says today! Happy Thursday! And sorry that from the looks of it, none of the blogs I follow won Powerball last night, either 😦

Thankful Throwback Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. Hope you all have a nice holiday, and that you find a moment of peace and relaxation in what can be a chaotic day – whether it may be with family, friends, work, whatever – the holidays can always be stressful, but I’m wishing you some slow down time.

I’m in Mexico Beach, my brother and I (left in that photo) drove over last night after I got off work. We’ll spend a couple days with the family here (thankful for them too! no matter how chaotic are time may be together.) before we head back to Tallahassee for the game this weekend. This photo isn’t that far of a throwback, but it’s one of my faves of us as a group basically ever. We got some stranger to take it on a beach walk over the summer. But yeah, I’m sharing this one today because I am so thankful for each of these people. Somehow they’ve managed to put up with me for twenty-five years (E’s only got 21 but he was around for the teenage ones and I’m pretty sure those count more for how rough I was on everyone.) My mom, dad, and brother have very different personalities, (we all do,) but some intertwined similarities at the same time. Smart, funny, kind, compassionate. Seriously, I don’t think I could be surrounded by more supportive or encouraging people (towards me and everyone else they encounter.) There hearts are huge, and a constant reflection of their love for Christ. I can only hope that after so many years some of these qualities have rubbed off on me.

I’m thankful for my housemate, Alex. Probably one of the biggest Craig’s List successes ever. I moved back to Tallahassee during a random part of the year when all my friends already had their living situations taken care of. (Thankful shoutout to Camille for taking me in, then!) Luckily, Alex had a spare room she’d advertised on Craig’s List. After a visit by with my brother, I moved in during October and have lived there ever since. She’s one of the sweetest, generous, most caring people I know! Plus, she’s mucho entertaining to watch TV with. Her commentary makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. Also, it’s pretty exciting to watch news coverage with someone who has similar political opinions. Annnnd she got sucked into Pretty Little Liars with me, so when she’s in town I’m not sitting on the couch screaming by myself haha. So thankful that she’s put up with me for so long, and is such enjoyable company!

Two in one – example: thankful for snail mail and the people who participate in it with me, and for friends who know us well. Thankful for my big sis Hailey who sends me awesome mail like this. We don’t get to see each other as nearly as either of us would like, (I’m not even going to tell you the last time we saw each other because it’s embarrassing!) But she knows me well, and she is one of the most grounded people I know. Strong in her beliefs and goals, and such a good role model. Love love love her. I’m thankful for all of my Phi Mu family, and sisters near and far. For their support, the bond of getting to share the trials and joys of life. My life would not be the same without them. Such a blessing! You know who they are, as I’ve shared pictures of them constantly 🙂

I’m thankful for all my friends, no matter how spread out we may be, no matter how much time passes between our visits. Thankful for the ones I can laugh with, and cry with. Thankful for the ones you fall asleep chatting with. Thankful for the ones who are always up for a good sing a long at the bar, or on a roadtrip. Thankful for the ones who know the rich value of sitting in the basement of a favorite Mexican restaurant just chatting, catching up, and giggling for hours. Thankful for the ones who get my weird obsessions for anything English, to dinosaurs, photobooths, Olympics, parks and outdoor activities, funky music taste, and YA fiction. Thankful for the ones who’ll gallivant down towns with me. Thankful for the ones who are always up for a fro yo run, or other sweet tooth indulgence. Thankful for adventure partners, thankful for people who will gladly let you crash on their couch. Thankful for the ones who are down to just hang out and bask in the gloriousness of one another’s company. Thankful for wind down days of front porch sitting. Thankful for the ones who hold on through my intense phases. Basically thankful for the ones who love me for being me, and make the world sweeter just by being in it.

Something new I’m thankful for this year is this new found passion in running. I’m thankful for my health. Thankful that I’ve been blessed to be able to have this as an outlet. Thankful to not have injuries that prevent me from doing something that I love. Thankful that I’m finally taking care of myself, that my health is important to me on the inside and outside. Thankful to have found that we are capable of more than we’d ever imagine.

I might act like I’m miserable at times, or tweet some mundane complaints, but I am aware that there are plenty of great things going on in my life. I know and love some pretty awesome people. I have the ability to get ridiculously happy about very simple things, and that makes a lot of parts of life really joyful. I’m not thankful for these things only on the holiday of Thanksgiving, but really grateful all the time- though, it doesn’t hurt to point out these things once in a while.

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Break Related

Hello, hello it’s throwback Thursday once again! I kind of just see what strikes my fancy as I browse Facebook albums on Thursday mornings. Here’s what caught my attention today:

Look at my brother’s crazy long hair, and sweet Duke in pretty good health with his giant self hogging the photo. (Christmas 2010)
At the ICE exhibit in Orlando, my birthday weekend (November 2008.)
From that fabulous road trip to North Carolina with my little sister, Kaylynn (December 2007.)
Mandy in our room pre-Christmas break 2007, trying on her gear for her ski-trip. Who would have known she was going to get engaged that break! 🙂
Lauren and I, Christmas break 2006.
Kinda forgot this picture existed, napping on Christmas break, hanging out with Duke 2006. Miss that sweet dog…
Dad and Ethan taking a walk on the beach in Destin, 2006.
Mom, Ethan and I Christmas 2005. Talk about a throwback, seven years already!