Throwback: The Weekend my Peter Pan Heart Turned a Year Older

I’ve been slacking on the updates, I know so I thought I’d do a little throwback to my birthday weekend. For the first time in a long, long time my birthday didn’t fall on the same weekend as Thanksgiving so I decided to make the most of it and roadtrip to Athens! The Cherry Blow Dry bar in Tallahassee was having a grand opening special, so that Friday I decided to get my first blow out. OhMyGoodness all the people who rave about them on Twitter aren’t lying. It’s fabulous to feel like…put together for a snippet of time.

The drive to Georgia that afternoon was just what I needed. There’s something healing about those country roads, even if you’re not broken.

When I arrived, Kaylynn and went to get dinner at Taco Stand. It’s this little mexican restaurant that’s super random, but really delicious. And it worked well for our pre-going out meal the last time I’d been in town. (Under much better circumstances this time, not in a state of turmoil over pending transitions in my life – though there were still plenty of transitions to come.) Afterwards we went next door and hung out with her neighbor Brady and his younger brother Drew. We jammed out to some Billy Joel (I’m not even kidding – how reminiscent of sophomore year of college is that?!) and some country music while we played Cards Against Humanity (my first time!) Later on we went downtown, which just turned into an epic evening, even if it started raining on us. We bar hopped, we celebrated one of their friends finding out he was having a baby, and of course birthday celebrating ensued. We rode UGA’s version of Night Nole, and there was a group celebrating a guy’s birthday and the bus broke out in song and also football chants. I love spirit like that. We laughed, and drank, and ran around town talking and dancing. It was one of those nights where we stayed up til 5am. When we got home there was a random kid’s debit card with us? Who the heck knows. The next morning started off kind of rough when I poured Kaylynn’s chemical solution in my eye and freaked out I might go blind. But it’s nothing a little Bojangle’s breakfast couldn’t remedy. We took the dogs out to play in the parking lot, and the poor neighbor’s dog accidentally knocked it’s tooth out on the curb! See what I mean about the types of ridiculousness that automatically ensue?  Later on we tailgated, and made delicious mixed coffee drinks and mingled and played corn hole. Then we borrowed the neighbor’s student ID, and I went to my first UGA football game. That was a totally fun experience. Then we went downtown and stayed up late into the night again.

It was a weekend that was full of my favorite things. I love meeting new people, but feeling instantly connected – like you’ve known each other forever. I love walking in groups on city sidewalks, and I love laughing til my stomach hurts. I love great conversation, the kind where you can say “oh my gosh! You too?!” rambling on about vinyl, film, running, and all aspects of life. These are the kind of times that make me feel totally alive. It’s the most simple, purest way to inject love into life. It was one of the most fun birthdays I’ve ever had.

This was my hair post blow-out. Thanks, Cherry Dry Bar!


Love those Georgia roads.


Classic: The Taco Stand.


The Blue Moon sampler pack my dad gave me!


Story of our lives. (Big/Little pic.)


This is Drew! Pretty sure I took this when we went back to Sand Bar after we temporarily lost the group. (Brady went to get pizza by himself!)


It was a Snapchat filled weekend.




Beautiful fall foilage.


Perfection: getting to hangout with my little AND my grandlittle in the same day. Happy heart.



Family line photo.


Bob – love this kid!


Kay got me a cookie cake!


Tailgate randomness with the dogs.


Brady and I at the game.


Me, Kay, and Drew at the game.



Another Snapchat.


Group photo!



Snapchat snapchat snapchat.


Kaylynn showed me the magic of a curling wand.


And to close it out, the gorgeous sunset on my drive back to Florida.

It turns out, this year my birthday happens to be the week before Thanksgiving once again! We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into then, but this was a fabulous start to kick off 26!


VMars: The Movie could actually happen!

If you know me, then you know my obsessive tendencies. In the past year this behaviour has extended to running. Previously it was reserved for more subdued activities like marathon watching TV shows, or reading YA novels cover to cover like I was eating M&Ms. In my period of time, floundering in the post-graduation life, constantly applying to jobs, freaking out over my resume, and lounging in the pool conjuring up a good story line for a reality YouTube series with my hermana – I finally figured out what the (not-so-secret to the internet world) fascination with Veronica Mars was. Don’t ask me how I went so many years oblivious to such a fine  piece of entertainment! I honestly don’t know. So, I ran on the treadmill and did pilates as I devoured the three seasons. Then I made my family watch episodes with me. And I re-watched them with my then-neighbor Kir. The “I thought our story was epic, ya know?” “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy” speeches, those have gone down as some of my favorite lines of all time. If I’m ever in the entertainment industry, and I have a hand in making things – I want them to have this kind of pizazz. (I also want to be a PI. My friends dad is one in real life, and I’m pretty sure he thought my fascination with his profession a few summers ago was a little bizarre. I’ve attempted to convince my mom we’d be a great mother-daughter investigative team together.)

I’m sure you saw the sloth video, and were like oh! That Kristen Bell, she’s such a cutie. Or you think her fiance, Dax Shepard (on Parenthood) is awesome. This is of course if you have great taste! Welll, well, guess what?

Today was the launch of the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie! A month to go, not even 24 hours in and they’re already halfway there. Obviously, this would be AWESOME. And anyway, is it too much to ask for Logan Echolls to bring me bear claws in the morning? Coolest house of people, ever.

Throwback Thursday: A few oldies of some women in the family

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning kind of confused that somehow it’s already Thursday. This week seems to have gone by in a blur so far, though I can’t really complain because I enjoy when the weekend arrives. I already did a little throwback over on Meg Says this morning with some “Raspberry Beret” (that prince song from the 80’s.) So, now I’ll share some photos in the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Mug’s Life…

Love this pic of my mom and aunt when they were little. So sweet! You can always pick out my mom in old photos, too.

And my Aunt Phyllis when she was little. You can totally tell it’s her too.

Snagged this one from my aunt’s Facebook page, too. A cowboy birthday party in the 60’s. Love it!

My mom is so creative…

Christmas Eve 1989. Who’d have thought Tallahassee would have a White Christmas?! If only these pesky 70 and 80 temperatures would go away now…

Throwback Thursday: End of HS Oldies

I know I’ve been slacking in my blog posting lately, but I caught up on sleep last night (nine hours!) following busy nights at the fair, and watching election results so now I’m not such a zombie. Like I said, I’m back with a normal post, and it’s Throwback Thursday! Today I’ve just got a few I stumbled across from an old Facebook album taken during the last week of my senior year of high school. As per usual, these are pretty random but I like that you can catch glimpses of the school settings in most of them.

With Beth and Becca in photo. (That outfit coordination was just a coincidence!)
jenn, laura, me, beth, and amber in photo on the last day of school. oh to go back and develop my own photos in the darkroom again…
jen, john, shanna, heather, me, charlie at lunch.
Emily and I in the morning.
james, me, jared on the bus ramp.
One of my favorite teachers, Mr.Delucia!
Big group shot of some of us, in the “senior spot” after the last bell had rung on our last day of high school, ever. (C/O ’06.)

Happy Halloween Friends!


Over on Meg Says I shared a few happy-spooky videos for your viewing and listening pleasure today, so you can check those out if you’re interested.

My advice? If someone invites you to a party: go! Even if you think your costume is lame, I doubt it is, and no one cares like you imagine they do. Just go. JD and I went trick or treating in high school. One year Mandy, John, Lizzi, Larry and I went to the Haunted House. I’ve already given y’all the recap of the year I went to Halloween Horror Nights. Some of these experiences were more fun than others, but I’m glad for the memories I made. It’s the times a crush would invite me to costume parties, that I chickened out on that I shake my head at now. Seriously? If you’re in a place in life without a thousand responsibilities, live it up.

Also, what better time to share with you one of my favorite costumes of all time?


Whatever you end up doing today/tonight, movie time, handing out candy to trick or treaters, going trick or treating yourself or with little ones, costume parties, pumpkin carving, or just hanging out – have a fun and safe time!

Happy Birthday, Friend!

It is definitely a season of birthdays. Yesterday marked one of my oldest friend’s 25th. Charlie and I met at Sunday School of First Baptist Church when we were just in pre-school. We grew up together and eventually we moved to a neighborhood down the street. Somewhere along the way a core group of four of us who’d been friends since kindergarten coined ourselves as the pirate club, and it stuck. Too many days to count were spent hanging out at his house, exploring in the backyard, going on canoeing adventures, night time golf cart rides, climbing trees – all the good stuff. We’d play ping-pong (well, the guys liked to play death pong and I would just photograph those moments, ha.) We’d head over to Ocala to wander around, eat at Moe’s and hang out doing nothing. We watched a katrillion basketball games together. Night swims til we were all shriveled up, or the guys would practice with their scuba gear which was always a laugh. He let me watch Degrassi on his big screen TV and would sometimes pretend to be interested to humor me. There are plenty of things we don’t see eye to eye on – everything from politics to our favorite college football teams, which allowed room for plenty of heated “discussions,” – still our friendship thrived nonetheless. This guy was always on the ready for a spontaneous adventure, no matter the day or time. And a lot of times I got to select the soundtrack for these outings. The memories aren’t full of just good times, but the harder moments of life that you don’t see coming either.  Those are some of the standout memories I have, the rough days when we’re reminded just how short life really is. The deep conversations about life, and growing up, the future. After several years of being spread out over states during college, and some of post-college life, the entire pirate crew is back in Florida again. Charlie lives in Tampa with his wife now, so it’s nice that we’re all in the same state again even if we’re overdue for a reunion. Here’s to the start of a wonderful year for a wonderful friend!

And for fun, here are a few photos from over the years!
Twenty years ago, the first day of kindergarten!
Playground fun in high school.
A kindergarten reunion at a bonfire, with Paul!

Pirates for life! (summer before going away to college.)
Pirates reunited in North Carolina at Charlie and Mia’s engagement party!
Giving us a campus tour of Wake Forrest (senior year.)

Throwback Thursday: A Few Sibling Shots

Today doesn’t really have a theme, but I was looking over some old photos and found a few cute ones of mini-me and my little brother.

Like this:

They kind of mirror each other a little.

I just noticed the little wooden rocking horses in both of these photos.

This is before my first day of preschool at East Hill Baptist in Tallahassee. When my parents were packing up to move my mom found that lunchbox in the garage, and I have it right now!

Look how adorable E was!

My dad and brother in our cousin’s yard at their old house in Tallahassee.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Bobby Bowden (really it’s an old fan day.)

Feathered bangs and matching outfits. (Old Christmas photo) This one makes me laugh because it reminds me of the expression he was making in that photo last week:

Probably a long-term trend.

Another old FSU game shot.

Same fence, same face. (2005 maybe?)

Meteor shower watch party with Nitro.

Candid Thanksgiving shot with Duke a few years ago.

Yeah, I’ve got a pretty awesome brother – always coming to my rescue! (Like just yesterday dropping by work and bringing me emergency deodorant!)